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. . . and life moves  with such speed.  I need more time.   With Dave off in Vegas and Hayley off at basketball camp, it’s just been me and the little man, Taylor.  I’m trying to keep him entertained while it’s just the two of us and get some work done.  Not an easy task.  We had a lovely Mother & Son DQ dinner/movie date on Sunday.  Pirates.  What a wickedly fun movie!  And, the ending?  Well, there has GOT to be a sequel coming, right?!  I mean, c’mon!!!  As for DQ dinner (DQ stands for Dairy Queen), well, we started with ice cream, and ended with burgers.

I know, I know.  But, seriously?  What difference does it make as long as they eat everything?  I saw an interesting show some years back, whereby a pediatrician was explaining how it makes no difference whether kids have macaroni and cheese OR pancakes for breakfast, really, so why do parents get all in a lather over such things?  Major, major revelation for me.  Why indeed?  Occasionally, we have chocolate cake for breakfast alá Bill Cosby.  Will I go to the grave, regretting that?  Happily, the answer to that is NOPE!!!  My kids are fabulous vegetable and fruit eaters, and consume vast quantities.  I’m satisifed that I am indeed fulfilling my motherly duties.

I finally got a little time to actually STAMP with those new stamps I finally got mounted the other evening.  Yippeeeeeeee skippeeeeeeee!!!!  So, here’s what I came up with, by combining the colors in that new Simply Scrappin’ Kit in the Hostess section of the SU! catalog.  And, I tell you what!!!  That Scrappin’ Kit ROCKS MY WORLD!!!! Do I plan to scrap with it?  Heck nooooooo.  ‘Course not.  Cards.  I love to make cards!!!  Lemme say that this Kit is my favoritest one they have ever produced.  It’s just so stinkin’ CUTE!!!  The colors of the printed papers, the die cut stickers, oh, MERCY!!!!!  And, I’m realizing I love it so much I’m afraid to use it—I’ll run out!!!  AUGH!!!!  I have GOT to get a few more in my stash, and then mebbe I will REALLY unleash my inner stamper and go on a spree.

As it is, I used just a little–a wee bit of the striped paper, to make this card, along with using the Seeing Spots set, which I just HAD to have on my first order:


I wish the Cranbery color of both the ink and the card card stock were more reddish in tone; they are still too brown for me, but it’s still a nice color.  That Marigold ROCKS and I almost didn’t get it.  Whew!  The Caribbean Cool?  Oh, man . . . it’s PLUSH.  I LIKEY!!!!  I’ll definitely be stockpiling more of that.

I had to laugh as I ran the new stamps against the brand new ink pads–who inks up a stamp and says, "Oooh, that’s just glorious!"  I mean, who SAYS THAT?????  Wackos like me, I guess.  Mmmm mmmmmm.  I was just so happy, inkin’ up the stamps.

I stamped all the images randomly on a sheet of white card stock first (this is referred to as double-time or One Sheet Wonder technique), and then cut apart the sheet into smaller pieces for use on the cards.  I ended up adding a strip of Marigold on the one side of the Cranberry to tie in more color and then on the opposite side, that 3/8" strip of striped pattern seemed to be the little smidge the design needed to pull it all together.  It was interesting to see how without that, the card seemed plain, and drab!  Added the little strip and DING!  Go figure!

I still had some of that nice yellow help left (I think they discontinued that this year, now I gotta go confirm if I’m right), and it also was perfect for tying on the punched out circle "Thank You".

I made these for the Dirty Dozen.  I need to get ‘em addied and snailed, ASAP.

  1. This is soooo adorable! I hope you are much better at getting things in the mail than I because I can’t wait to see this in person and actually have a JulieHRR card in my hands.:)

  2. Nope, yellow hemp is out. But I’ll send you a dime bag if you want.

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Edie…Dad is great, give us the chocolate cake! What a fun mom you must be! I was eyeing that set of circles; guess I gotta give in to it! Thanks Julie!

  4. love this card. I just ordered this set and am awaiting its arrival.

  5. Yay, yay, yay!!! My spots AND scrappin kit come this a.m. And how cute did this turn out? Moving houses a week from Monday so I don’t have much time to play, but with that scrappin kit I may be able to knock somethings out. OOOhhh, almost forgot….Voila is coming too! Thanks for sharing another great card!

  6. Ohhh me likey!!! :D I can’t wait till all my new stuff arrives! I love your card!

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