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Ugh.  I just got a new toy in the post; a Big Shot. (insert ginormously big eyes here) I know.  Do I have a place to store it??? (said with my best Chandler Bing impersonation)  Nope!

I was naughty and couldn’t help myself . . . Tsk tsk.  I haven’t had a chance to *play* with it yet.  It came on Tuesday, as we were runnin’ out the door to celebrate Hayley’s 17th birthday . . .  I ran my keys across the seal, reached in to pet it lovingly, and that was it.  Dinner at the Macaroni Grill (her request) awaited and there was a ferry to be caught to get there . . .  lovely dinner,  good times.  And, mercy, can that boyfriend of hers eat!  Geeze!!!

So, back to the dilema:  time.  Or, I should say, the lack thereof.  It is rather cruel to have a shiny new toy, sitting there, begging for a test run.  I even have some (brace yourselves) UNCUT rubbah, waitin’ to be mounted.  Oh, the horror!  Yes, virgin rubbah.  I hear ya’; it’s downright shameful!

Soon, my precioussssssss.  chuckle!

  1. You finally did it! I remember responding to some of your posts on SCS and you finally took the plunge & bought one–CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Do I even what to know what a Big Shot is??? Oy, I’m off to find out. Whatever it is, congrats on it and I hope you get to play w/it soon! :)

  3. Can’t wait to see what you do with the Big Shot!

  4. I’m with you!! I actually bought the Big Shot earlier this year (after poo-pooing the idea of a die cutter for the past few years) but still haven’t taken the time to really play.

    As for the rubber… my new SU goodies were delivered yesterday afternoon. Today my fingers are a bit sore from mounting and there’s still more waiting for me! But it’s all good :)

  5. I feel your pain Julie! I got mine all mounted yesterday but leaving on a 10 day trip now. Hmm…think hubby will notice an extra suitcase? :)

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