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This card is SO STINKIN’ CUTE!!!!!! And, from the genius that is Jennifer Pebbles did it spring!!!!

Please, click HERE and scroll down until you see what I’m talkin’ ’bout!!!!! She DREW the wine bottle and glass by hand!!!! ………………..BONK!!!!! Just take a look at how she pulled every aspect of that design together!!!! I’m still shakin’ my head in wonderment . . . LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

OK. Not nearly as genius, but here is one I had fun with:


Yes!!! He’s the image you’ve seen on the A*Muse*A*Palooza posters! This was the very first design I just *had* to make when I first held the Holiday prototypes in my hands. The small skinny oval provides the perfect surfboard for him AND, works as the island in the distance, as well! I shoulda’ called this “Electric Beach”, in reference to the palm tree and “lights”. I love those little twinkle stickers–I wanna put ‘em on everything. Bling-bling!!!!

Oh, Santa. Such a “dude”! chuckle!

  1. Went to Monkey Love last week and made this very same card there plus a whole bunch of other goodies! Thanks to all you design girls for your incredible imaginations!

  2. Hey, Barbara–A Muse’s A*Muse*Palooza ends on the 17th, and I’m sure they’ll be uploading the images to their web site shortly thereafter. Because of the nature of a product release party/premiere like this, they must wait until it ends, before releasing them to the general public! Won’t be long!!! Oh, man, I may have to do several different holiday designs this year, because I can’t pick just ONE!!! Yikes! LOL!

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