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All images, note card by a*muse art stamps
Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Wisteria, Lime pastel, Tangerine
Colorbox Pigment Ink in Black
Iridescent Ice Embossing Powder by SU!
Orange Ric Rac by May Arts (You can shop for beauuuuuutiful May Arts ribbons and ric rac at Star Lit Studio–Cindy carries LOTS of cool stuff, including my beloved Fabriano Mediovalis Notecards!  Great customer service, quick shipping, too.)

I guess I have a *quirky* sense of humor!  I like to be "jolly" as much of the time as possible.  Anyhoo, it just struck me how cute and funny it was to pair the sentiment "good friends never go out of style", with some bewitching accessories.

You can’t see it in the photo, but I embossed the images stamped in black, with glittery embossing powder, just for extra pizzaz and sparkle.

Key thing to note:  Even though Fluid Chalk Inks dry very quickly, it’s a good idea to pounce or rub the stamped chalk images with an anti-static product (blow off the excess), PRIOR to stamping the other images over the top with pigment ink, and applying embossing powder.

This prevents the embossing powder from sticking ANYWHERE where there might be some moisture (or static electricity, or residual oil from your fingertips, etc.) and gives you a sharp, cleanly embossed image, ONLY where the pigment ink is stamped, and avoiding stray, unwanted embossing effects.

OK, so what’s an "anti-static" product????  Basically, it’s a small muslin bag filled with a powdery/talcum-like substance.  It’s marketed under various names including Static Magic, Embossing Buddy, Puff Static Away, etc.

Now, there are other things you can use to reduce static; some folks like "used" dryer sheets.  I prefer NOT to use those, however.  I find they don’t resolve the issue of residual moisture or oil from my fingertips, like the anti-static products I’ve mentioned above do.

If you enjoy embossing, and want polished, crisp results, it’s definitely worth the $4.95 or so investment, and you’ll probably only ever need to buy one or two, throughout your stamping life.  Unless, of course, you emboss ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. (chuckle!)  Which I don’t.  I only emboss when I have to, for effect, personally speaking.

Another cool use for anti-static products?  De-stickifying things!  Is that a word????  snort!

What I mean:  Let’s say you have put adhesive somewhere on a project, but need to neutralize it (make it NOT sticky).  Pounce that l’il bag over the adhesive, and the job’s done.  Mebbe you want to use a sticker on something, but need a portion of it non-sticky, for various reasons.  Savvy? (wink!) It’s a *good* thing to have in the tool box.

  1. I use my embossing buddy all the time! Never knew about “de-stickyfying” or whatever that was! Cool!

  2. Love the ric-rack on here — hey is that how you spell it? Adds the perfect touch!

  3. Very cute – I love the sentiment with those images!

  4. That is sooooo cute! And the other Halloween card is too…love the streetlight…you are so imaginative! That’s why we all adore you! hehe
    Thanks for the GREAT cards :)

  5. Just adorable!

  6. Darling!! Absolutely love it. Thanks for the insight on embossing, too. Great tips!

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