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I escaped to Janice’s for the family reunion and thoroughly enjoyed much needed time with my cousin, and all the family!  We experimented with pomegranate martinis, and discovered  that there is a key ingredient needed to make these turn out "tasty":  sweet & sour.  Or . . . possibly lemonade.  We were more pleased with the outcome once Janice figured this out!  chuckle!

We stamped, and I made some cards–Janice is so funny!  She orders me into her studio to stamp–"Get workin’!", she exclaims.  And, then she proceeds to supply me with foodly treats and beverages (But only one deliciously glorious fru-fru ‘tini; apparently I become useless after 2, and at 3?  Well, evidently I become brutally "honest and direct".  This is bad.  Very bad.  So, it’s a good thing she monitors my martini intake). 

I stamp 2 of everything when I’m at Janice’s.  One for her, one for me.  Except the ones I think turned out ugly.  I don’t give her any of those.  These I quickly circular file.  I used to try to save ‘em, so I could ponder on how to improve them.  I finally learned this is not the way to go.  If it’s goin’ south from the get-go, ditch it, cut my losses.  It’s just easier and more productive that way.  Hah!

So, I didn’t film these creations yet for uploading, but I’ll get around to it.  Right now, I am under the gun with several pressing gigs that require me to hunker down, and let the ink fly, to meet the deadlines–all of which are falling at the same time.  LOL!

Meantime, I have this cheerful and fun submission to Take Ten that I am now at liberty to share.

All images, notecard, and other solid papers, Creative Candy Clear Round Sticker by A Muse Art Stamps
Colorbox Fluid Chalk Inks:  Olive Pastel, French Blue.  Watercolor Pencils by Derwent; SU! Blender Pen.  Patterned Paper by Memory Box.  Wavy Scissors by Provo Craft.

Fishy is one of my all-time favorites!  I don’t have many animal stamps, but I just get a kick out of fish, and Fishy is just one heck of a joyful sea critter! I wanted to create the effect of looking out a porthole, and I was rather tickled at how the effect turned out!  Yea! (happy bouncin’!)

Fishy was stamped and colored on white card stock, and then the A Muse Clear Round Sticker was put over the top, and then trimmed closely along the edges.  Layered to a larger silver card stock circle, and then 4 strategically placed silver mini brads (SU!), were secured to resemble bolts, etc.

I loved how the Memory Box paper echoed the bubbles, PLUS, it features my favorite color combo, so I had to incorporate it into this design.

Now, no more dinkin’ around; back to work I go!

  1. I thought I should also mention that when Julie throws something in the garbage, I would retrieve it . . . you know what they say, one mans trash is another mans treasure!

    She was quite productive!

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