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things just don’t go the way you have ‘em visualized.  And, so it is tonight.  I’ve spent the better part of 2 hours working on a Dirty Dozen Design this evening, and it’s going nowhere but the circular file after 3 attempts.  What’s causing all the teeth gnashing?  I dunno.  I’m not suffering a creative block, but, at this point, I gotta stop and take a break cuz if I ditch any more paper I’m gonna pitch a hissy fit. (disgruntled snort!)

As I stare at the last attempt in the trash . . . mebbe I DO know what’s bugging me.  I’m attempting to assume a style that really isn’t reflective of me.  In other words, I’m not being true to my inner artist.  And, I should be.  So, I will go to sleep and dream of my project finished, as it should be, with my fingerprint on it.

And, tomorrow is a new day, and a chance to commit the vision to paper as it should be . . .

  1. so. . . did it work? lol!

  2. Would it be bad of me to admit that I’m just a teensy bit happy to know that even Her Royal Rubberness has “off” days?!?

    Hugs – you know we’ll all be salivating over anything you create!!

  3. It will come together, it always does… just remember to keep that flashlight, notebook and pencil handy for when your inspiration awakens you at 2 AM! I don’t recommend the use of shorthand at that hour of day! ;) Sweet Dreams!

  4. Be yourself, be yourself! We love the *you* you! :D

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