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All images and pre-printed note-card by a*muse art stamps
Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Tangerine, Yellow Citron.  Colorbox Pigment Ink in White and Black.  Clear EP, White EP.  May Arts Gingham.  Orange Safety Pin by Queen & Co.

I used a sponge dauber to create the "glow" on the street lamp.  I submitted this last spring . . .   It just reminds me of the Trick or Treaters that all file down my driveway, which I light up with luminarias, as we don’t have street lamps whatsoever in my neighborhood.  So fun!

Someone asked me why I like Colorbox Fluid Chalk Inks, so I figured I might as well share those reasons.  I enjoy CBFC, particularly in the Cat’s Eye format, for a variety of reasons:

  • They truly give a chalk finish and effect when stamped
  • They blend very well/easily
  • Deep rich colors & the color range is actually pretty wide, altho, I’d love even *more* selection–I hope they introduce even more, and have a hunch they probably will . . .
  • Surprisingly easy to clean off the rubbah
  • They are the fastest-drying chalk ink I’ve ever worked with–and they don’t need to be speed-set with a heat gun to avoid bleeding out when using waterbased coloring mediums (markers, etc.)
  • Great shape for being able to maneuver and omit when needed, pretty easily, for the most part.
  • Compact and easy to travel with!  I can easily transport the entire collection of Cat’s Eyes with me, whenever I wish to stamp on the road.
  • Affordability!  For all the versatility, they are quite an exceptional value, in my opinion.

I own more ink pad brands than I can shake a stick at or *need*, but then again, it seems every different type of ink out there has a different use or purpose, so that’s prolly not such a bad thing, eh?!  chuckle!  Besides, too much of a good thing, like cool ink, is . . . well . . . wonderful, doncha’ agree? (wink!)

And, Jenn, on that other matter, it DID work! (*huge* grin!)

  1. I love the cat’s eye CBC pads, too. Don’t have near as many as I’d like, but some day . . .

  2. Now this is a fun little inspiration. Love the tips on the inks. Don’t own any myself, but will have to give it a try.

  3. Doh – I just posted a card on my blog with the parade kids and then popped on over to see if you had anything new! Too funny – sorry about that! This is SO super cute Julie! Love how you did the street lamp glow!

  4. *tap* *tap* *tap* goes my foot.

    Still waiting! I’m gonna go stalk your gallery!

  5. Beautiful Julie! I love your work! You’ve got me excited for Halloween!

  6. OK… I just love those cute a-muse trick or treaters! And I will add; you are the queen of the square card!

  7. I adore that card, Julie! It is darling and just enchanting!!

  8. This is too cute! And, I always put out luminaries in my driveway too — all the way to the front door. I have to have a copper pumpkin tho because the real ones just don’t last long enough ’round here with the heat — after you cut them they can turn black in a day or so and start to smell — ew!

  9. This is too dang cute! I LOVE Halloween! I’m so excited for fall!

    I bet the luminaries look great in your driveway! Did you see the one in a Martha Stewart mag a fews years back that spelled out cool, spooky phrases? *hee hee*

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