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I’m getting ready this a.m. for my day of classes at Precious Memories!!!  I stopped in the store last night, after checking into the hotel!  WOW!!!! So much fabulous fun stuff!!!  All the hard work designing the projects, cutting and scoring mounds of card stock, BAGGING it, etc. will be crowned with the FUN FUN FUN of meeting new people, snackin’ on chocolate, and LOTS O’ STAMPIN’!!!!!! Yippee skippeeeeee!!!

I also get to meet a special friend tonight for dinner, and could not be more thrilled we were able to schedule it in!  APPLETINI n’ CHICK TIME!!!!!

Whoah!  I am gettin’ giddy!  Haven’t even had a full cuppa’ yet either!!!  chuckle!

Oh, and for those of you following the nose bling saga.  My daughter has been researching on the internet all the pros and cons, safety/health concerns I have (she and I are both highly allergic to nickel, so cheap (but frequently so fun) jewelry can cause serious infections; this means only high quality, titanium or hypoallergenic metals, 14K+ gold, etc.)

Her FATHER on the other hand, is adamantly opposed and will not look at her documentation.  She’s done her homework, and if she wants to pay for it, I am not opposed.  I do worry she won’t take proper care of it, end up with an infection, which results in a scar, and then she’ll regret it. 

However, parenting is a team gig, and unless we BOTH consent, no nose bling for Hayley at this point.  Dad is struggling over it, as he considers it unattractive himself, well, and he’s got other "issues" (don’t get me started on those right now!).  For now, "the matter is under deliberation, until further notice."  She will not like that.  sigh.  But, being a parent, I remind myself, is NOT a popularity contest.

Meantime, here’s a fun holiday card that we’ll be doing at my classes this weekend:
All images, note card, and papers by A Muse Art Stamps

  1. This is just absolutely my very favorite card! It is so very cute…I need to order the stuff to make it soon!

  2. Very cute. I love the sparkle. I’m definitely going to have to case this card. Of course, mine won’t be as cute though. Anyway, I got to see a few of your cards in person at a local stamp store (Ink Spot) during the Amuse-A-Palooza event and even more again last Saturday when I stopped by to pick up my polka-dot alphabet sets (which I had to buy because of the cards you made using these sets…hee hee hee). The cards are beautiful when I see them on your blog and they’re even more gorgeous in person, if that’s even possible.

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