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Are you showered and dressed for the day?  I am soooooooooo NOT!  snort!  I am buried, among so many priority tasks, and so far behind I can see my big butt up ahead!!!  Visualize that, if you can. (wink!) I need to get that made into a stamp, BTW!  Hah!

I have paused to climb up out of the mounds of paper I am cutting for an A Muse-a-thon I’m doing next weekend up at Precious Memories in Langley, BC!!!!  I can hardly wait!  I have some SUUUUU-WEEEEEEET treats for the class participants–and, I am BRINGIN’ THE CHOCOLATE, BABY!!!!!!!!!

I’m slappin’ up the cards I did at Janice’s and I hope you enjoy these!  The inner critique jury is still out on the one with the pinebough design . . . I’m not sure I like how that one turned out . . . I think it needs some help, but not sure exacty what KINDA help.  chuckle!

Featuring Peaceful Wishes; may be hard to see the details, but I highlighted the "berries" with the Uniball Signo White Gel Pen.  That pen so ROCKS!!!  I love it muchly!  Gee, ya’ think?!  Bwah ha haaaaa!!!

Featuring Peaceful Wishes.  This is a TOTAL CASE of an Alesa Baker design (one of my favorite lines of rubber stamps, marketed through Impression Obsession)  Janice had some sweet little red heart eyelets that I had to try out.

Featuring Peaceful Wishes.  This is the one the jury’s still out on.  Haven’t quite put my finger on it yet, but hoping divine inspiration will strike me and give me the answer . . . and, when it does, THEN I will make one for Janice.  chuckle!

Featuring Peaceful Wishes & Take Three.

OK, I used autumn colored Kaleidacolor/Spectrum pad for this to achieve a fall look.  This design took several attempts before I concluded that I needed to quit trying to layer the focal image in the centter, and just stamp it directly in the center and allow it to "just be".

And, hey, I dunno if I’d advise anyone else to do this, but I did mount this set by cutting apart the sentiments from the graphics and mounting them on separate sides of the block.  I like being able to interchange the sentiments with the images, and so I braved it.  I’m still not sure, however, if I like it.  It may have been easier to mask it, in the end, than having to use the Stamp-a-ma-Jig 2x–for the sentiment, and then for the graphic????

It’s too late for me to try to put it all back together; those of you that mounted it intact would be better able to tell me if it was worth separating them as I did . . . How did you mount it and what are your thoughts?

Featuring Seeing Spots.

After rummaging around in Janice’s punch drawers, I couldn’t find one that gave me a 1/8" gap on the larger circle, so I used the one I found.  It was too large, tho.  And, I didn’t like the resulting gap between the edges of the layers.  Hmmmmmm.  So, I thought about it and then grabbed her Crafter’s Tool Kit, and pierced around the perimeter of the white circle, and I felt that resolved the issue quite nicely!

Thumbs up?  Thumbs down?  Regardless, I was happy with the outcome, personally. (very big grin)

Featuring Seeing Spots & Warm Words.

This one ended up being one of my faves of all the ones I created.  I am SUCH a suckaaaaaah for dots, spots, circles.  I never get tired of them!  They make me happy, no clue why!

Janice had these cool Making Memories colored staples–she doesn’t like plain staples, but finds colored staples intriguing, chuckle!  So, we used turquoise on this one!  FUN FUN FUN!!!

Featuring Peaceful Wishes & Take Three.

OK, what can I say? (sheepish shrug)  I was on a roll and just wanted to play with these few sets.  Now, THIS was my absolute hands-down favorite of the entire bunch!!!   I felt like I struck GOLD when I finished this one!!!  It’s not fancy, not overdone, clean, great color combo (Sage Shadow & Old Olive) and Janice and had the PERFECT PRIMAS for this, and some way cool antique copper 1/4" brads. 5 lip-smackin’ minutes!!!  WOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!

I know it’s not about the speed, but I was so pleased, I am STILL bouncin’ over the results of this.   BOULLION!!!!!!

And, now, back to cutting paper.   

Sit long, stamp much! (chortle!–I think I need that made into a plaque or something . . . )

  1. Just found your site through Splitcoast. I’m so a fan of your work. All these cards are great. I love your style. Nice to know someone else gets giddy when a card turns out just right. Thanks for sharing yourself and your art here. I’ll be back.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that my most favorite is the Peaceful Wishes and See Spots. There was a post on SCS that someone was complaining that people do not take the time to express what they like….I love the colors, the design layout and the crispness of your stamping….

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