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"Men who never get carried away, should be." –author unknown

That’s one of my all time favorite quotes, and I can’t remember who said it–I’ll hafta look it up and see if I can find out.

Sometimes, when you’re under the gun, and stress levels are high, it’s good to take a break and do something silly.  Fortunately, or perhaps, unfortunately, depending on whether or not you appreciate silliness, I am an exceedingly silly girl.  I took a break.  Got silly.

I’m playing a little joke on my hubby, and waiting to see how long it takes before he notices this little joke:


Do you see it? (wink!)

A Muse’s little Twinkle Stickers have considerable "sticky" on ‘em, and, while I use them frequently, to adorn my cards, my state of silliness today compelled me to embellish MYSELF, due to something Linda, owner of A Muse had mentioned:  She has used them as little earrings on her daughters–they stick for DAYS!!!!

So, whaddya think?  Should I get a "real" one?  Ooooh–he just came home!  I’ll fill you in on the results of my little joke later!!!

ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!  OH, and in the meantime:  Gimme your votes!!!

Do it for real!!! It’s cute, but still subtle!

Ugh, don’t do it.  You’ll have a wicked scar rest of your life and besides that, it’s gross.


What a poop!  He *knew* it was a stick-on gem instantly.  (insert frowny face, as I stomp my foot!)  He did laugh, tho, and I got a kiss outta the deal for being a goof-ball . . . (happy grin).    My husband is the consumate practical joker around here and I have yet to pull one over on him.  I’d actually hafta get it pierced to get the last laugh on this episode . . .

Hayley wanted one, too, so I blinged her, and we presented our noses to Dave and Ryan (Hayley’s boyfriend). 

"Hey, Ryan!  Whaddya think?", sez I, attempting to get another male perspective that would be more receptive to the idea . . .

"I think it’s cute–you have the perfect noses for it!", sez Ryan, The Genuine, ever diplomatic, and hoping he’ll be invited to stay for the next meal around here . . . Hayley bounces up and down, giddy; she, of course, wants a REAL one and quite desperately, being 17 and unable to envision the future beyond the immediate moment.

"Ryan, do you enjoy eating here?  Do you want to continue dating my daughter?", sez Da’ Man, with a pointed and, rather direct, look in his eye.

Ryan beats a hasty retreat.

Gramma, Dave’s Mom, arrives (we were taking her out for a belated birthday dinner), and Hayley and I present our noses once again. 

SCORE!!!! Gramma takes the bait and is laughing nervously, waving her hands in the air and shuddering squeamishly.  She accuses us of being "silly" (ROTFLMAO!).  Eventually, however, she asks how painful it was . . .

"Didn’t hurt a bit!", Hayley and I look at each other, heads wagging, but, alas, we cannot keep straight faces (we are so pathetic and the worst practical jokers ever!!!), and break into fits of laughter; Gramma gently slaps us each on the arm, relieved, as we continue giggling . . .

It’s good to get carried away on occasion. (chuckling)

Thanks, Scoopy, and kkmack, for finding the source of the quote, Mr. Malcom Forbes.


  1. Don’t do it. It looks positively adorable on you but my hairdresser did it and it always looks like something disgusting is hanging out of her nose because you can see the earring back/post hanging down there just a touch.

  2. Looks great on you, Julie–but then, doesn’t *everything?* Ü

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