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from stampin’ under the influence of Nyquil:


All images, note card, patterned paper by a*muse art stamps
Memories Black Ink; Colorbox Fluid Chalk in Ice Blue; Waterbased Markers

a*muse’s little Super Hero Guy just CRACKS me, and even more so when paired with Super Woman.

The text is computer generated, as I didn’t have any kind of stamp with this greeting, and reads:

                                "Behind every great man . . . 

                    . . . is his wife, laughing hysterically
her husband in a pair of tights!

                    You’re still a stud-muffin to me, Babe!"

I had other ideas for a greeting: 

                    "We are a Dynamic Duo!  I’m dynamic, and you . . .

                                 . . . well, you Go, Super Guy!"


I’m down with a head-cold and rather miserable.  It’s rather interesting to see what one comes up with after a dose of heavy duty cold medicine, eh?

Anyway, today is in fact my 22nd Wedding Anniversary.  We’re looking forward to dining at a waterfront restaurant, Ivar’s, down in Mukilteo.  We’ll take the ferry as foot passengers, and hopefully, enjoy the beautiful view as the sun goes down.

And, hopefully, I won’t be sneezing and wheezing.

Quite romantic, eh?

  1. Oh, hope you had some of Ivar’s Alaskan Baby Prawns for me! Lordy, I miss the PNW! Love the card, stole the sentiment to print up for my 28th in Dec.!

  2. Happy Anniversary Julie. I hope that you and your husband had a wonderful dinner and a fun ferry ride. Twenty-two years is certainly something to celebrate. You must have been very young when you got married. You look so young now. Congratulations! Oh and the your card is very funny. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary and congratulations! Hope you feel better and had a wonderful dinner last night!

  4. LOVE IT! Great sense of humor you have there lady! Sincerely hope you feel better soon.

  5. I love Ivar’s in Mukilteo! Can I join you for an appletini?? Ah, guess not, hubby might not like that…. Have a great anniversary!

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