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I hafta laff; I’m sure folks think I’m jokin’ when I say "the adventures of a rubbah fun-addict", but in all seriousness?  It’s ALWAYS an adventure!!!

I trekked over the mountains, about a 7 hour drive, to Palouse, WA to meet with some of the funnest chicks evvaaaaah!!!  Such good times!  Anyway, before I left, I got a call from Linda,  to please detour a little to hit the shoppe down in Seattle to pick up a luscious home-made chocolate cake.  She had a spare.  WHO HAS SPARE CHOCOLATE CAKE????  Evidently, Linda. chuckle!  So, I did.  Now you may be thinkin’ . . . "Just how special could this cake be?"  Well, peek HERE to see!

Whadda’ I tell ya"?  That cake oughtta be nick-named:  Chocolate HEAVEN!  Those luscious little raspberries crowning it were so yummy!  Over to the left in the Palouse Convention album you’ll see Laura as she took her first heavenly bite of it.

So, I arrived in Palouse at 11pm, and Darcie-girl had me set up to stay in an apartment under her grandmother’s house.  Talk about royal treatment!  It was like staying at a B & B!!!  Darcie had a basket of cookies, chocolates, gourmet coffee, and this ADORABLE mug from a cool coffee shop there in Palouse.    Greenfrogmug Palouse is a pretty small town out there in wheat country–I don’t think they even have a stoplight!  I am kicking myself now that I didn’t take a photo of the corn field growing right there in a vacant lot in downtown, next to the rec center.  For the Haunted House this fall, they said.  I miss that sorta thing ’bout living over in Eastern Washington . . .*sigh* . . . 

At any rate, I *love* this mug as it’s . . . . . (drumroll, please):


Anyway, all of Darcie’s touches were so charming with fresh flowers on the coffee table, and, even a wine cooler and French Vanilla Creamer in the fridge; she knows me too well. {{{{{{{Darcie}}}}}}}}

The next day started off with Tanya meeting me for breakfast at the local Family Café, where the owner of the establishment served me *perfect* bacon with my eggs (Tanya knows I gotta have protein in the am for endurance when stampin’!)  While I ate, she finished up these cute chipboard magnets, which you see here on top of the goody bag Darcie had prepped for each of us.

Goodybag We started late–so busy socializing and catching up with everybody and Melanie was there, who was one of my first recruits over there!  She had deactivated during the time I had moved away, but had resigned up again under Darcie.  I hadn’t seen her in 6 years, so I was tickled to death she was able to come!

We stamped and stamped like maniacs–until our eyes started to glaze over at the end.  I’m uploading the shoebox projects we did over in that album to the left.

Otherwise, I will drone on for an eternity.  Suffice it to say, we had a TOTAL blast and if you’ve never tried playing Stampin’ Pictionary while sippin’ appletinis and cosmos, well, I think you should. (wink!)  Good times, baby!!!!

I got a little weepy as I saw them all chattering and laughing and clasped Darcie’s hand in mine.  "Promise me I will never lose this!"  A bear hug from Darcie is the bestest . . . "Road Trip.  Say the word and we are there." 

What a blast!  I’m so very lucky to have a life enriched by these gals!  The Royal Inkdom ROCKS!!!! (That was my SU! group’s name).

Sunday I was able to meet a very dear friend, Brenda, for breakfast before leaving Pullman and we took this snapshot in the booth:


Brenda is an elementary teacher, and happened to be the first friend I made when I moved to Colfax, due to our mutual affinity for rubbah! She is one of those individuals you meet and recognize instantly that she is pure goodness and has a heart of gold.  Oh, man, the rubbah road trips we used to take together . . . great memories, and it was so good for my soul to spend time with her that morning.  Love you, Qbee! Brenda is also responsible for creating my internet moniker: JulieHRR.  The HRR stands for Her Royal Rubberness.

Brenda has since become an avid scrapbooker and creates beautiful samples for the local scrapbook store there in Pullman.  Sometime, I need to get over there when the store is OPEN, so I can see more of her work.  As it was she brought some of her layouts for me to drool over at breakfast.

Directly from Pullman, I headed back to Seattle, for an a*muse retailer event there at Linda’s shoppe that took place on Monday!  I once again neglected to take photos (I’m a photo moron, I guess . . . ), but Linda got a shot and put it on her blog here.  What a fabulous time I had getting to know some of the great store owners that carry a*muse!  So enjoyable!

I thought my adventure ended when I arrived home late Monday evening, but, Tuesday found me opening an email from a magazine editor, requesting some designs for a coming issue!  So, after a brief happy dance, I had to get right back to stampin’!

Mebbe I’ll collapse on Thursday . . . yeah.  That sounds good. (wink!)

  1. What a wonderful time you all had! :o)

  2. Well I checked out those pics and wow – you gots yourself one heck of a talented downline! Those projects knocked my socks off!!!

    I am so glad you had such a wonderful time! ;)

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