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. . . where you were this day?  I had just moved to the island, and had switched on the news in the a.m.–unusual for me on most days.  I remember the sensation of being confused/puzzled, as I watched what was unfolding on my TV screen . . . incredulous . . . it simply could NOT be real–COULD NOT.  And, my brain kept trying to wrap around it . . . I fumbled for the phone, calling my husband at the school, alerting him and the administrative staff , and then my parents, 6 hours away, asking if they were seeing what I was seeing . . .

After I hung up, I can remember thinking, "This HAS to be some kind of joke.   Some Hollywood spectacle–a movie in the works . . . " and, then as the realization set in, weeping . . . my arms wrapped around myself, rocking back & forth, weeping . . .

I remember that day very vividly . . .  I will never forget and I will forever be grateful for the sacrifice the crew and passengers of United Flight 93 knowingly and so willingly made for the rest of our nation . . .  I still weep . . .

  1. I was pregnant with my middle child and working at the Lisbon, Ct Walmart. I had just asked to go home because I was not feeling well when the first plane hit the towers. When I got home I found my Husband there because the base had been closed and he had been sent home… we had just move to CT and into our new home with no TV so we had to listen to radio for most of the info and my mom sent us a tape with the news on it a few weeks latter to show us what we had missed….

  2. Ah, I will never forget it. It was just prior to 6 AM my time (same as yours) when my coworker called saying “OMG…turn on your tv…..OMG” and hung up.

    I’d been awaiting the arrival of my parents who were due any second (and I was busy vacuuming in case mom gave the place the white glove treatment!). I turned it on, and literally fell onto the couch in disbelief. I too thought it was some sort of sickening and not funny joke…my DH ran outside when my parents arrived and yelled “HURRY INSIDE”….we all dropped down and sat and watched. And watched. And watched. All of us were in complete shock and disbelief. I watched every single bit of footage. I still, to this day, get chills and goosebumps when I see footage…..

  3. I was at work (government contracting) and was so fearful as huge fighter jets and helicopters circled back and forth in the air just outside the huge lobby windows in which I sat out front of. Of course nobody really knew what was going on at that moment, but it didn’t take long to learn of the news. It was one of the most scary days of my life. Sad, empty, feeling such a loss for the family members and those who’s lives were so cruelly taken from them, and fearful for the people running around the New York City streets.

    I also remember telling myself that there was no way on earth that I was going to take the Founders Circle retreat trip that I had just earned from Stampin’ Up! in a few days from Sept. 11th. No way on earth was I going to get onto a jet and fly to Utah. Thankfully within a few hours Shelli contacted us and told us that she felt it would be best to cancel the trip.

    Yea, it was a day in history that will never be forgotten Jules.

  4. I was in my office in Washington DC across from the Air and Space Museum, a few blocks from the Capitol. The military with machine guns, the crisp blue sky, the eerie silence in my office when we realized that the Pentagon was hit and another plane was missing. The phones went dead and the internet too. I literally thought it was the end of the world. Truly the longest day of my life. The next day? Back to work! Even the birds flying near my office window made me jump, but life went on.

  5. I was an officer in the Air Force stationed at Barksdale AFB along with my brother and husband. I was in my Honor Guard regalia about to do a performance for POW/MIA Day. When it happened. I frozed…horror…crying…calling my husband and brother….realized one of us if not all three of us would deploy for the surely upcoming war. Then the President came to the base in Air Force one an hour later. Panic….did “they” know he was here…where we a target? Moments later secret service came to the clinic where I was working after the news (nurse). They took emergency supplies asked for alot of stuff. Moments later. The president address the nation from a “secret location” As I looked up….I recognized my brothers office!!! It was an amazing and heart wrenching day. It will forever be scared on my heart….My mom worked in the World Trade Center when she was pregnant with me on the 43rd floor 33 years ago. My grandmother, aunt and cousin still liver in New York. The horror. Thank you for thinking of this day. I cried most of yesterday much like I did that day.

  6. Julie -

    Your memories are so much like my own. I remember getting ready for DH Grandpa’s funeral and just sitting on the couch, watching, waiting, wondering. All so strange and unimaginable. Thanking God again the next day, that an old high school friend had called in sick to work that day and wasn’t there!

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