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I’m in a mutterin’-my-thoughts-out-loud state . . . the personal project I recently was so excited about–so excited I submitted it–is in limbo.  I’m chastizing myself because I used SU! images on it.  SU! doesn’t allow anyone but their own in-house designers to submit anything using their images for publication in a hard-bound book.  I *knew* that.  Kicking myself.  (insert curse words, and furrowed brow, coupled with a frown, in self-irritation).

Unless I’m willing to re-create it, excluding the SU! images that were used in parts of it, for them to review and then re-consider, it cannot be used in the book.  It is also not something they could/would feature in one of their magazines.  Where else to submit it remains the quandary . . .

In some instances, I’m willing to make alterations to give the publisher what they want/need.  And, in others, I struggle.  In this particular case, it took considerable time to create the original . . . if I were certain they’d accept it, after meeting those alterations, would I do it?  Probably.  But, without a guarantee?  Well, I don’t know . . .

In a rather unprecedented move on my part, I decided to withdraw it from consideration.

The internal struggle:  I believe in the piece as it stands, without alteration/modification.

And, so the quest to find the proper fit for it begins . . .

Meantime, yet another Halloween design . . .

All images and note card by A Muse Art Stamps
Colorbox Fluid Chalk Inks in Lavender, Wisteria
Colorbox Pigment Ink in Black
Iridescent Ice Embossing Powder by SU!
Sakura Clear Stardust Pen (for detailing on the web, and the hand-drawn strand the tiny spider hangs from)

To achieve the multi-color effect, I simply dabbed the lighter color ink on to the web image first, and then the darker color, pouncing the darker, where the two met to blend the colors together. 

Spiders always give me the creepy crawlies!  I can’t look at ‘em without shuddering.  Are you like me???  I wad up 5 paper towels in my hand before I can even kill one.  And, I actually give a little shriek and a shudder when I do the deed!  Every single time!  Pathetic, huh? I mean, they’re so small and I am a giant, right?!  snort!  Makes no never mind.  I’m such a wuss . . . eeeeeeeek!!!!

  1. Oh Julie,
    You took the time to chat with me very, very early in the year and we talked about “trends” in stamping very briefly as we shared our love of the scalloped things and look at what has happened with all of us now! For me, you truly are SU’s biggest loss. Now, if I only remembered what I read by you about copyright design issues I could remind you. *senior moment* Don’t let this put you in a funk too long. You have mega’d and giga’d us with so many treats! Big hugs to you! I am glad you stood on principles and values!

    Lynn (twinks)

  2. Sorry about what happened with this project Julie; I know you put your heart into it; I am sure it’ll find a good home soon! Good Luck!

  3. Could they publish a special magazine featuring all of your designs? Like a book…but a magazine. ? I’ll certainly buy any book with your name! Add my name to your list….

  4. Oh, best of luck with your project predicament. I hope you’ll be able to come up with a solution that will put a smile on your face! :) I’m with ya on the spiders…too creepy!!! The card is lovely though. :) Such beautiful shades of purple!

  5. OH – how frustrating! I have never published, so don’t know much about it. But, I know I’ve seen SU images in Stamp It magazine – maybe that would be an alternative.

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