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RUBBAH GOODIES!!!  WOO HOOOOOO!!!  I have been such a good budget concious girl!  (Well, ‘cept for that new Rhanna Farrer Flourishes set I bought . . . and some ribbon . . . and that little bottle of Primas the LSS got in . . . all last week . . . )

Looky, looky!!!!


Palette Hybrid Ink Spots by Stewart Superior, mostly.  And, some of those *uber* cool McGill Punches!!!  The oval slide mount, the round tab, THE FILE FOLDER TAB!!!!!  I can hardly stand it!!!

I have been very anxious to test drive this particular ink.  What’s a Hybrid ink?  Well, it’s an ink that combines certain features of dye ink and pigment ink.  Supposedly, this ink has the rich saturation of color that pigment inks provide, yet it dries quickly, a property dye inks are applauded for.  This ink is also considered "bleed-proof", which means I should be able to use water-based color mediums, like watercolor crayons, or markers and have no issues with the black ink bleeding when water is applied to it.  It should also dry on glossy surfaces (think non-porous: acetate, glossy card stock, plastic, etc.) with heat setting.   

I am hoping to test it out for watercoloring on my beloved and delicious Fabriano Mediovalis Cards, as well as see how it performs on acetate and glossy papers.  Eventually, I will also test it on polyshrink.  Now, one thing I’ve heard that intrigued me greatly about this ink, is that coloring an image in with Permanent Sharpies will NOT reactivate this ink!    I typically stamp on acetate and polyshrink with Staz-On.  But, when coloring an image in, I have to be VERY careful, because the Sharpies are solvent based, just like Staz-On ink is, and can re-activate the ink, and result in smearing.

As you can imagine, this is not good.

So, it’ll be interesting to see how Palette performs.  It’s time to get STAMP-HAPPY!!!!!

  1. Hi! I use the Palette pads, it is the ink the TAC uses as their main ink. I love the ink and the versatility. I have used it on acetate…works pretty good. I am not sure about the polyshirk, but I use watercolor pencils etc all the time with this ink…I just need more colors!!

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