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. . . frequently slows down productivity.  In the case of Tech-Tard (moi), try to imagine molasses on a frozen pipe, and you get the picture.  (snort!)

I’m chuckling because a few of you have mentioned that you don’t see the truffles!  Huh?  Oh, yeah.  I had to take ‘em down.  I just can’t stand leaving something up that I consider hideous– No, Sir, I simply cannot.  I realized if I had left it up, I’d never catch a wink of sleep, so I threw back the covers, to my hubby’s irritation, and dashed off to the ‘putah.

Of course, what I replaced it with, temporarily, isn’t great either, but, it is considerably less offensive to the eye than my cursed first attempt at a banner.

So, does it mean I’ve failed?  That would be a re-sounding YES!, if the idea was to create a beautifully perfect banner on the first go. (chuckle!)  But, what have I learned?  Actually a great deal, so in a way, it wasn’t as much a failure as it may seem initially.

I learned:

  • RGB colors do not always appear on screen the way they look on a color chart.  AND, that while they may appear one color on your screen, they may appear differently on someone else’s!
  • How to magnetically lasso an object in a photograph, cut it out, and paste it into another layer where I could give it an entirely different background than the one it was shot with.  *That* is waaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!
  • I don’t have nearly enough fun fonts.  I downloaded some freebies, but, some of them don’t appear in the menu when I try to use the Text tool in Photoshop Elements.  Hmmmmmm.
  • That quite probably the very limited graphic tools I do have (AppleWorks Draw, WordArt, PE) do not have the ability to let me draw digitally what I want to.  Mebbe, I need certain software.  But, do I have time to explore that?  Or buy it (cuz’ it prolly don’t come cheap!)?  Just to make this banner?  Well, frankly, no.  Perhaps at another time.

Pondering crap like this keeps me awake at night. (rolling eyeballs)  It’s some sort of curse, I think, at times.  At any rate, back to the drawing board . . . my musings have led me to consider a different strategy. . . hmmmmmmmmmmmmm (wink!)

  1. Sometimes when you unzip the font file and extract it into the ‘Fonts’ folder it creates a new folder within the font folder and they don’t show up. Just drag them out of their little homey folders into the main Font folder and voila, they’ll show up in PSE.

    Of course I’m assuming that you are creating your magic on a PC…

  2. OK :-) Fonts, an easy fix generally. On a Mac, which is what I have, and I’m guessing you have since you have Appleworks, this is what you need to do.

    Click on the happy mac face in you dock.
    Click on the picture of your hard drive (alas, my laptop was cleverly named Gypsy, but I reformated and it is now traditional ol’ Macintosh HD).
    Ok, now open the Library folder.
    Inside the Library folder is another folder called Fonts. That’s where you need to put your font files to get at them from any program.

    If you put them inside the library folder under your user name (your “home” folder) they don’t show up in the adobe menus. Why I don’t know, it’s a mystery. A vaguely irritating one lol.

    To sum up:
    Macintosh HD>Library>Fonts

    Good luck :-)

  3. Julie,
    I, also a “tech tard”, am thinking that for the fonts…you downloaded them but didn’t install them? Go to Control Panel/fonts/File/install new fonts. Find the file of the downloaded fonts and the fonts should be there. Click and it blinks or something. Then the fonts should be on all applications that fonts are used. Hope that helps!
    I, am a font fanatic!

    Good Luck…

  4. Hee hee hee … you’re too funny.

  5. Oh, Julie! you are too funny! If you’d like, I can work on a banner for you. Just let me know what you’d like. I’ve been lurking here at your blog for a long while, but wanted to speak up to help you out. Whatever you’d like, I can work with it. If you need an example of what I can do, just visit my blog. I illustrated and created the banner at the top. :) Best of luck!

  6. some of the *free* fonts dont show up in PSE, becuase they might not be true type fonts…..
    a program to use to draw your logos etc would be illustrator….

    a couple good books to get for pse or illustrator:

    the quickstart guides and classroom in a book…..

    :) dont give up julie!!!

  7. I missed it! But I must say that you’re back in a pretty celery top (and bundly, too!) so all is right with the world . . . ;) Email it to me! I want to see!

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