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WOW!!! (eyes all big as saucers)

You guys are like the coolest cheerleaders EVER!!!!!!  {{{{{{{{{mondo group hug}}}}}}}}

Thank you!  Right now, I’m grinnin’ so hard my cheeks are killin’ me!!! (deep chuckling!)

Oh, criminitly!!! . . . startin’ to bounce again . . . (insert rolling eyeballs)  I’ll post updates as things develop, OK?!  (still grinning)

Images by Stampin’ Up!; Caribbean Dye Ink by Stampin’ Up!; Caribbean and Celery Card Stock by Stampin’ Up!; Whisper White Notecard by Stampin’ Up!; Small Oval Punch by Stampin’ Up!; Frog Punch by McGill; Uniball Signo White Gel Pen; Fibers by Rubadubdub; "Inspire" Charm by Blue Moon Beads

This is gonna sound toad-ally sappy (bwa ha haaaaaa!), but this design reminds me of something I read somewhere, about how everything we do has a ripple effect–what I do touches you, what you do touches me . . . I wish I could remember where I’d read it . . .

Anyhoo, the On the Spot background stamp reminded me of droplets of water, hitting the surface, rippling outward and into each other . . .

The frog punch is one of my favorites by McGill–he’s just such a leggy li’l guy and always makes me smile.  And, as you can see, the oval punch, with a quick snip of the scissors and some hand-drawn details, makes the perfect lily pad for him to spring off of!

Thanks, you guys. 

For touching my life.

Sorry.  Can’t help it.  I’m a sap.

  1. love it, happy stamping, inspired

  2. Hey, Julie. The ripple effect you read about somewhere is prolly the book Butterfly Effect. “A butterfly flapping its wings in China could cause a hurricane on the other side of the world.” There, don’t you feel better now! LOL

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! Doing a happy dance for your new found endeavor. I’m familar with you from SCS and happened along your blog, which I check daily for some wonderful humor! I too am a tech-tard. :) Good Luck with your new challenge… you’ll do just great! ((( HUGS )))

  4. i’ve never met you, yet i feel that i know you… thru your creativity you have drawn me in and i have learned and laughed and teared up and just really enjoyed this journey. i have discovered my creative site with nudging from you and i really am thankful!may sound corney but it is how i feel. thanks and keep creating, it keeps me SANE! LOL
    (great card)

  5. Oh my word!!! The oval punch for a lily pad? How TOADILY awesome is THAT?!?! Thanks for the inspiration you give us on a daily basis!

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