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Image by Challis & Roo for Inkadinkado
Palette Hybrid Ink in Noir (Stewart Superior)
Permanent Black Fine Tip Marker
Watercolor Crayons
Sakura Glaze Pen in Red
Grosgrain by SU!
Patterned Ribbon by May Arts*
Fabriano Mediovalis Folded Reply Card*

*I get mine from StarLit Studio

Inside sentiment:   . . . so, eat something cute!

When I stumbled across this truffle rubber stamp, well, I *had* to have it!!!  I’ve been on the hunt for an appealing chocolate truffle image for some time now, and this one was perfect.  BTW, if you run across any other way cute truffle images, drop me a line!  I’d like to collect a few more!

I saw this quote somewhere on a ceramic dish in a store, and later the cutest translation of it at Heather’s blog using the tiny a*muse art stamps cupcake, which I went gah gah over!  On this sample, I just hand-scripted it, as I was too lazy to figure out how to position and run it through my ‘putah printer . . .

I added some detail speckling so the truffles didn’t appear to be floating around in mid-air, altho I don’t think there’d be anything wrong with leaving the image as is.  I ommitted the "happy birthday" sentiment, which is actually part of the image, located direction beneath the graphics, so I could use it inside the card.

This is a birthday design for my mom–I’m a day late, as usual, but, we called and sang, which she loved (always does) and she’ll still get a kick outta this, cuz she knows of my adoration of truffles anyway . . . (chuckle!)

I originally had black organdy with white polka dots and it looked outta’ place?  So, I pulled it out and then decided to substitute brown.  Problem:  the grosgrain had already been knotted and trimmed.  There was no way, even with my tiny fingers, I was gonna be able to re-tie it into a knot again . . .

Pondered, and then slipped the ribbon through my dental floss threader, and then through the knot.  Worked like a charm!

What’s a dental floss threader?  Well, it looks like this: Flossthreader

You can find these where they sell toothpaste, of course, and for a few bucks you get a number of ‘em in a handy little plastic container.

The plastic is sturdy enough to actually slip through the knot and pull the ribbon through, and then I trimmed it to fit.

I love using this little gizmo to thread narrow ribbon through button holes, etc.

Just a handy little gadget I keep within reach on my work surface. . .

  1. I have these! What a great tip! TY, TY, TY!!!

  2. Julie, I’ve used floss threaders to thread yarn for needlepoint, but never would’ve thought to use it to slip ribbon into a knot like you did. Way cool! Thanks!

  3. Love, love, LOVE the truffles stamp! Way too cute and so totally “you”.
    The dental flossers are an excellent idea and I’m sure my DS wouldn’t mind if I grabbed a few of his!
    Great new pic btw. :-)

  4. Darling, Julie! (And you already made me buy a whole box of those cards. . .)

  5. Thanks Julie! Now I know what to do with those threaders sitting on the bathroom shelf!!!!

  6. CUTE new pic!! I don’t see the nose bling bling…

  7. Way cool! And love your new pic!!!

  8. Great tip… and a GREAT new picture you sassy stamper you!

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