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Blog tinkerin’ again.  Criminy, I  wish I could figure out just how to make a custom banner!!!  People try to explain it to me . . . "Oh, it’s not hard!  Just ____ and _____.  And, there  ya’ go!"

Um.  Excuse me.  You are speaking with Tech-Tard here.  When I say, "Please talk down to me." I mean:  Get down as looooooooow as you can, dig a trench, jump down into that, and THEN, talk to me.  I may, at that point, have some meager chance of actually comprehending what you’re saying.  ROTFLMAO!!!!!

I look online for tutorials, but, none of it is simple enough for poor Tech-Tard to grasp . . . I dunno that it could even be massaged into my head with a brick!!! (insert poppin’ eyeballs here)  . . .

. . . I think I am frustrated that summer is *over*. The end.  Even the air has turned a tad "cool" unusually early here on the island.  Of course, doesn’t help that we’re fogged in today.  I’m sure it’ll burn off . . . eventually . . .

I love all the seasons . . . but summer just blew by me far too fast . . . "Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ . . . into the future . . . " –Stevie Miller Band

Here’s a quad of designs that are all based on A Muse Art Stamps’ "waves" image, Summer 06 Release:

All images by A Muse art stamps; Memories Black Ink; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Ice Blue; Waterbased Markers; Mini Brad; Ribbon by May Arts

It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the blades of the fan were punched out–I think a 1" punch???? and 3D mounted with foam mounting tape, after adding the mini brad to the center.  A Muse’s "waves" image from the Summer 06 release was used to create the illusion of air "blowing".


All images, note card, and ric rac paper by A Muse Art Stamps; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Yellow Ochre, Charcoal, Lime Pastel, Olive Pastel, Chestnut Roan and Dark Brown.

I noticed fellow A Muse Instructor Lyndsay had also developed a design using the waves as "birds" in the sky!  Great minds . . . (chuckle!)  I liked how hers turned out better, tho–I’m not quite sure about the colors I used on this one, and, mebbe next time around, I’ll try a slightly different scheme and see how it turns out.

A brand new pencil eraser was used to create the "coconuts" as I didn’t have a "dot" stamp the right size.  Gotta love those things laying around the house that somehow come to the rescue, eh?!

All images and notecard by A Muse Art Stamps; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Inks in Azurite, Olive Pastel; Variety of different sized circle punches; Decorative "wave" scissors by Provo Craft.

This is one of those designs that actually turned out on the 1st attempt, lickety split!  I have no idea if the surfer dude was fashioned after Little Ross, Linda’s nephew, but this makes me think of him.  I wonder if he surfs . . .   And, OMG! The Holiday Release "Snowboarder" has just GOT to be Little Ross!!!  I’ve only met Little Ross one time, down at the shoppe last Spring, as we were planning A Muse*a*palooza.  But, when I saw the sneak-peek of the images after the illustrators had been working on them, and saw the Snowboarder, I ’bout fell off my chair!  I think it shoulda’ been named Little Ross. (grinnin’)

All images, Micro Dot Twinkle Stickers, and note card by A Muse Art Stamps; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Pink Pastel; Colorbox Pigment Ink in Frost White; Memories Black Ink; Marvy Mega Oval Punch; Postage Edge scissors by Fiskars; Ribbon by May Arts.

This last one is my favorite of the quad.  I don’t do much collage any more, but, this was soooooo clean and easy, and, came together so nicely, I was "tickled pink"! (wink!)

So, Summer:  I bid you fond farewell . . . catch ya’ next year!

  1. Impressed by your site. Just wish you would not use the word tech-tard. If you had a special needs child, I’m sure you would find the word offensive. With your husband being an educator, I’m disappointed you are not more sensitive.

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