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First, thank you to ALL of you who have emailed me privately, and posted here at my blog with offers of assistance.  {{{{{{{{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}  I cannot begin to tell you how COMFORTING that is.  And, yet, how utterly embarrassing it is that so many of YOU know how to do this and I am such a TECH-TARD!!!!!  BWAH HA HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Paige, I couldn’t have figured out what direction to eventually go in without your step by step hand-holding, truly.  You ROCK!!!!  Smooches!

Heather, thank you for working on a digi truffle–I thought it was cute, and if you end up finishing it, I’d love to see it.  I dunno if I could follow you on HOW you did it, but I was so intrigued!

Well, the above is what I spent nearly the entire day working on, when I should have been stamping.   (insert trumpet blowing)  I am a rather relentless individual, when I set my mind to learning something.

As for the first one I slapped up there, I think many of you were worried about my ego or self esteem or something, and were so kind to say, "It’s not that bad."   That is very, very *generous* of you. 

But . . . please.  Trust me.  I am seriously not that fragile and my emotional well-being can handle the truth about my technical skills–and even my stamping skills, for that matter.  A very good friend of mine took one look at the first one, and offered up pure, unadulturated honesty.

You know that scene in the sitcom Friends, where Rachel and Phoebe see Monica and Chandler through the window . . . ?

Phoebe:  "MY EYES!!!!!!  MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s about how it went down, with a slight variation in actual verbage. (wink!)  Needless to say, I was laffin’ so hard I had tears rollin’ down my face . . . but, that’s why I love her–I can always count on her to let me know that those pants I tried on *really* do make my butt look big. (chuckle!)

  1. Julie, I come to your site regularly for inspiration and absolutely love it! LOL, now that you’ve figured out how to do your header, are you going to give the rest of us a tutorial for our blogs?

  2. NOW I am getting the new banner!! Beautiful!!! Love it :)

  3. Like the new look, Julie! Read an article this week about a woman who turned her blog into a best selling book, and it’s called “Julie and Julia”. Naturally, I thought of you! Her book’s all about her year of cooking recipes from the Julia Childs’ cookbook. So I’m still waiting for the book “Julie’s year of cookin’ with RUBBAH!” In the meantime, will continue to check out your gorgeous site!
    mary rose

  4. Mucho mejor! I likey. . . and am now having a serious craving for some mint chocolate chip ice cream! Glad ya got it worked out! And I echo the above . . . stamp something already! LOL!

  5. your banner looks terrific! well done!

  6. Wow this really looks great. I love the design. I liked the other one also though.

  7. I think the new header looks great! Very nicely done!

  8. Perfection, Julie! It is so YOU! I love it!

  9. I can so relate to your ‘tech-tardness’ Julie! *wink* I really think your new banner is great… love that you stuck with the green!

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