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All images ¬©Stampin’ Up!;  Patterned Paper and Blush Blossom, Chocolate Chip, and Very Vanilla card stock by Stampin’ Up!;Versamark Ink by Tsukineko; Chocolate Chip Ink by Stampin’ Up!; Horizontal Slot Punch & Tag Punch by Stampin’ Up!; Mini Brads; Lt. Glue Gingham by Stampin’ Up!
Download pleated_pocket_pattern.pdf

I’ve had some inquiries about how the pleated ladder pockets were created on this design, so, since I was suffering from insomnia last night, I spent some time working out the details.  By alternating mountain, then valley folds from the first score line to the next (start at the one indicated at the bottom of the strip on the diagram, making a mountain fold, then the next one is a valley,and so on), you create the pleats.   Caution:  When scoring text weight paper, you do want to be more gentle than you would with card stock or you can actually cut right through the paper with the scoring blade.

Apply adhesive along the pleats on the back side to anchor and secure them, then mount the finished pocket ladder onto a panel of card stock.

Keep in mind that this diagram is just a guide–you could create deeper pockets by adjusting the distance between each of the score lines.  On the prototype, I actually folded the very last pleat to the back so I’d have a nice finished edge at the top of the ladder, but if you are working with double sided paper, you could fold that least pleat towards the front so the pattern on the opposite could be seen and appreciated, as well.

After mounting the ladder to the chocolate card stock, I embellished the upper corners with mini brads.

The tags are inserted into the pockets and can be removed by the recipient; I anchored ‘em down with a just a smidge of adhesive because my pockets ended up being shallow enough and the tags just short enough, that they kept falling out.  In hindsight, I would have made longer tags, and a little deeper pockets.  But, this works because the sentiment is easily seen/read on the tags, and do not need to be removed.

This would be fun to tuck a love note, money, or gift cards into, depending on how deep you made the pockets, etc.  You could even make a larger one for a scrapbook page and tuck memorabilia into it, like ticket stubs and whatnot.

I had seen this idea on display in the booth of a company that produces beautiful Asian images and vellum papers and was absolutely enchanted with the concept! I have NO idea what it’s called, so I just call it a Pleated Pocket Ladder, ‘cuz that’s just what springs to mind. LOL!   I was permitted to take a photo, but I didn’t get to actually examine it.

They’re so easy and fast, especially if you use patterned paper, so I hope you’ll try one and let me know if you enjoyed it. 

 Isn’t it just a neat little thing???? (grinning with my nose crinkled over how dang cute this idea is)

  1. Just found this post. What a great card. Seen you on SCS and thought I would check out your Blog. I’m sure I will be back.


    Emily Ann

  2. WEll, I made one and while it’s not as cute as Julie’s, it sure was fun. I uploaded it to SCS: http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=378316&cat=3552
    and gave proper credit where credit was due! Thanks, Julie!

  3. This is so cool! And the fact you share it..well, even cooler.

  4. This is so dang cute Julie. If my cheap imitation of yours looks half as good, I will be happy. Love your stuff.

  5. Very cool, Julie. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern and the fun idea! Can’t wait to try it!

  6. May I have your permission to use this cute little ladder card template as a project with my stamp club? It’ll knock their socks off! Pretty please!

  7. Thanks for the lovely project. My stamp and altered book ladies will be interested in trying it.

  8. Every time I see your work I remember why we call you Julie…HRR! Great card.Thank you for sharing your awesome talent.
    Rose Reynolds
    Ft. Worth, Tx

  9. HOORAY! ( insert jan jigging across the floor) i have so wanted to learn this! HOORAY! thanks so much!

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