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. . . should download properly now.  Apparently, I gave it a "bad file name" and the system no likey!  (chuckle!)  So, I renamed it, and it’s there right under the list of supplies & materials.

If you’re on a PC and still having trouble, try right clicking the attachment, then selecting "save target as" and download it to your desktop; then click on it and it should pop right open.

I so appreciate the interest in this project, however, I am unable to email it out individually due to time constraints.  Thank you for understanding!

  1. It worked perfectly! :-) Thanks again for sharing!

  2. I so love the new design. Your website is looking great. Congrats on all your new adventures.

  3. It worked, it worked! Thanks for fixing the link my Mom and I both appreciate it!


  4. You are so clever! I LOVE this idea. Perfect for holiday gifts!!

    Thank you for so generously sharing this pattern.


  5. Worked great for me. Thank goodness, was worried my computer was getting ready to hit the dust. =)

  6. WOOHOO, worked great! Thanks so much for fixing it!! :)

  7. THanks Julie… worked like a charm this time. … doing the happy dance now!

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