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All images, printed paper, square notecard, Twinkle Mini Dot Sticker by A Muse Art Stamps; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Prussian Blue; Sharpie Poster-Paint Pen, fine point (if you can’t find this at your LSS, try www.MisterArt.com)

A Muse’s Cabana Blue Band Note cards are a staple item for me–depending on which way you turn them, you can have blue sky, with "snow" below, or turn them the other way, and you have blue water (white sky), and turn them yet another, and you’ve got a blue band on the left side of the card.  I love the Lime Peel ones, same design, as well, because that lime band can easily represent grass/ground, etc.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!

For this design, I actually cut the band card in half, and trimmed it to 4" square.  All the images were stamped with blue chalk ink.  Notice how the trees are positioned in the fore-ground while the church appears to be "set back", closer to the horizon.  this is a great way to work with images when their individual scale may not match.  I frequently do this to create a perception of depth.  If I had stamped the church side by side, inline with the trees, the effect would not have been the same at all, and the design would seem "off-balance" in terms of scale.  Does that make sense?

This design was for one of the holiday classes I taught up at Precious Memories, in Langley BC and I was astonished, albeit very happily I must say, at how well-received it was!  Yea!  A mini crystal sticker adorns the star and adds just the right sparkle.  The snow was created by dotting the Sharpie Poster Paint Pen randomly, as well as "blanketing" snow onto the tree branches and the roof of the church.

The finished panel is then layered onto a french blue note card.

It’s such a serene scene, I think . . . very peaceful and calming . . . and, the beauty of this?  You can easily bust a bunch of ‘em out for the holidays, even if you wait until the last minute!   SCORE!!!!! (That’s my kinda holiday card! chuckle!)

A word to the wise on the Sharpie Poster Paint Pen:  shake it vigorously, prior to use with the cap on.  Depress the tip against scratch paper and watch as it becomes inked.  Then, dot the tip to the paper where you want it.  DO NOT DEPRESS the tip while working on your project.  Otherwise, you’ll pump more ink down into it and end up with a snow blob.  Ask me how I know . . . And, when you use it again later on, shake it vigorously, WITH THE CAP ON, (ask me how I know . . .  snort!)  then check the flow on scratch paper.  You only need to depress the tip to pump more ink to it if it’s dry.

It’s a nice little pen, with proper use . . . (wink!)

  1. Fantastic card!! Thanks for the information on perception of depth. It will come in very handy.

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