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Images, notecard and solid papers all  by A Muse Art Stamps;  Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Dark Brown; 1 3/8" Square Punch.

Ya’ know how you reach that point where you’re at a crossroads in a design?  Do you leave it be or . . . ?  And, so begins the internal struggle:   Mebbe it needs "just one more thing" . . .    Should I color the images in?  Glitter?  Hmmmmm.  Brads–Oh, yes, what about them?  Perhaps some buttons . . .

The problem?  I LIKE it.  Just as it is!

I draped things onto it and everything seemed, well . . .  "wrong", for lack of a better word.

In my head I had this idea to use blocks of color to convey the changing seasons.  This tire swing image, as I may have mentioned before, reminds me of the one in my front yard–we have (2) apple, (1) italian plum, and (1) pear trees; I like to delude myself with the notion that we have an "orchard". (chuckle!)  Hayley broke the rope, and now the tire leans against the fence . . . but, I digress!

How many times have I added and added more to a design, all the while, thinking, "Well, that looks out of place, so what can I counter-balance *that* with????" and I add MORE stuff in an effort to save the design.

Sadly, my rescue attempts usually end up killing the design.

The focal image here is quite bold, and fairly large; there isn’t much "canvas" left.  Sometimes, a design speaks so simply, but clearly, and strongly, it’s best not to tamper with it.   I think I’ll just let it be . . . for now . . . (wink!)

  1. I would leave it as is. It is a beautiful card — simple, yes…but it conveys the message. It’s a keeper!

  2. Love it, Julie! Clean and simple … my cup of tea!

  3. If you like it the way it is, then I say to leave it! It is cool as it is. The colors you picked are so nice and bold, that the black image by itself really is enough! This is very fun!

  4. Oh, this is great! I love the simplicity, and the color blocks…how nice! I’ll have to get out my tire swing stamp today, too! =) Have a great weekend.

  5. I too like this one just the way it is. It’s kind of like when you get dressed up to go out… my mom always said to get ready and then take one accessory off.

    Crisp, clean, inviting. That is what this card is. (And I soo love this stamp, you know.)

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