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Square envelopes require extra postage.  Many folks don’t want to pay extra postage, but hate sending their cute square cards in A-2 envies; they slide around. (pout!)  Now, it doesn’t bug me, but I guess some folks are . . .  "particular" . . . Hah!  (wink!).  So . . . . .here’s a little trick for sending a 4 1/4" square card through the mail in an A-2 envelope!

Step 1.  Punch something cute in either the far left or far right side of the envy.  Pay attention to the direction of the punch and where you want to position it.  Sometimes, it does make a difference if there is a definite right side up to the punch design, UKWIM?


Step 2.  Cut a strip of paper, about 1 1/8" wide X 4 1/8" long.  In this example, I used printed vellum.  Bonus?  You can see through it.  Keen!  But, you could very easily use double sided patterned paper, too.

I placed the vellum strip on the outside of the envelope over the punch.  Because it’s vellum, I could easily see through it, of course, to where the punch out was located.  I applied adhesive on the vellum in several areas, avoiding any where the vellum would show through the punch out, when it does get inserted.

To make a fairly good stop gap, tho, you need adhesive on the other side, as well.  I laid down some wax paper and set the sticky side of the vellum down onto it, so I could apply more adhesive to the other side and not get stuck to the work surface, and took care to avoid any area that might peek through the envy up near the top, where the flap is; don’t want the flap actually sticking to it there.


Step 3.  Opened the envelope and carefully positioned the vellum into place, and then pressed firmly to secure both inside walls of the envy to the vellum strip.

When you slip your 4 1/4" square card inside, it will remain snugly in place, no slip slidin’ around, and goes through the snail with a first class stamp!  Heh, heh, heh!   Spiffy, or what?!!!

Not rocket science, I know, but, hey!  I do what I can . . . (wink!)

  1. Such a creative idea, Julie! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Not “rocket science”, but 24 Karat genius for sure! The extra postage for square cards is not that bigga deal, but standing in line to mail it is something every mail clerk I’ve ever met turns into a 3-act opera with her as the Director. When mail clerks are hired, they must max-out on the “need for power” meter. And they get extra points if they can think of a way to make you wait about 5 minutes beyond your tolerance for game-playing.

    Thanks a bunch, Julie!

  3. This is a great idea! But I’m concerned that the cut part of the envelope might get caught in a postal machine…and then who knows what might happen to it. Sorry to be a wet blanket.

  4. LOVE THIS! Thanks for this idea I’m going to use it today. :)

  5. genious!!

  6. Can’t wait to try it. We have a smaller PO where I am located and the postmistress just does not like my buttons and bows. Wait till she sees this. I think she will try to buck me anway. Thanks, I am going to do it tomorrow.!!!!!

  7. I love this….how simple and darling is this? I am going to try this and do matching sets….thanks so much! You are an inspiration!

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