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After some experimentation, I discovered the following with Palette Hybrid Ink Cubes:

  • The names are NOT on the cases; when you first get them, be sure to generate labels so you can properly identify them when you take them out of the blister packaging.
  • I also stamped the labels with a pencil eraser so I could get an accurate indication of the color.  Why?  Well, the lids are a smokey grey/brown, and the color screen printed on the lid is not indicative of the true color of the ink, so don’t rely on that!   Definitely stamp the color on the label or make yourself a color chart!
  • They arrived very juicy/well inked.
  • They perform beautifully on ink-jet printable transparency/acetate, with a little gentle/quick heat setting.  I was able to color images in with the Sharpies without smearing, if I colored with care.  I believe the tip of the Sharpie actually is abrasive and that’s what actually lifts the Palette color off the acetate surface, as opposed to a chemical reaction like what happens with Staz-On?
  • The New Canvas color ROCKED on the acetate, as well as SU! Vellum Text and Vellum Card Stock papers and provided an excellent crisp white color!!!  It did need to be gently heat set, but seemed to dry very quickly.   It did not perform well on dark printed or dyed card stock and practically disappeared into the paper, leaving a faint, ghostly impression; I’d stick with SU! Craft Whisper White or Brilliance Moonlight White for best results on dark colored card stock.
  • The other Palette colors seemed to stamp more crisply on Vellum Text/Card Stock, after blotting the surface of the pad so they weren’t quite so juicy.
  • On SU! Whisper White card stock, which is a very high quality, ultra-smooth surface, Palette Hybrid did feather out ever so slightly, and did not stamp quite as crisply as SU! Classic Dye Inks.  However, there were no bleeding issues when waterbased markers were used.  I’m wondering if it’s because the ink cubes were fairly juicy . . . ?  I seemed to get more crisp results when I blotted the ink pad a bit.  Perhaps air-drying them for a short while will alleviate that juiciness . . .
  • Unfortunately, on Fabriano the Palette Hybrid inks feathered substantially*and I think I’ll stick with Colorbox Fluid Chalk Dark Brown, Brilliance Black (heat set), Staz-On Black, or Memories Black as far as watercoloring on Fabriano or watercolor paper.  *After reading about Ellen’s experience on Fabriano, I am wondering if perhaps I was a little premature on this, due to the juiciness of the Burnt Umber ink spot I was working with. I noticed when I went back to re-test on Fabriano, with a full-size Noir pad, there was barely any feathering at all.  I’ll have to continue experimenting, but I suspect the results I achieved on my initial test run, may indeed have been largely due to an overly juicy ink cube.
  • On printed card stock, Palette Hybrid seemed to feather ever so slightly, but, then, so did every other dye ink I tried, including SU!, Staz-On, Memories, etc.
  • The colors are very intense, rich; I was a little disappointed in the yellows, hoping they’d be a bit warmer in tone.  The blue tones were beautiful and I can see myself using Cote d’ azure quite often, and Ballet Blue was a lovely pale blue with aqua undertones.  There didn’t seem to be a "true red" among any of the red tones, but L’amour Red will suffice.  Landscape Green was my favorite of the green tones, reminiscent of Olive; Chartreuse was definitely a bright, and intense lime green.  Haystack may prove to be a uniquely versatile neutral–it reminded me of khaki
  • Clean up was very easy, and resulted in relatively little staining, with the exception of some of the reds/deep pinks, and deep/dark blues. That, however, is typical of just about any ink.

If you’ve hung in this long on the Palette Hybrid Ink Review, you’ve got considerable stamina! (chuckle!)

Overall, I think they’re a good dye ink, with a reasonable selection of colors.  I’m very glad to have the Noir and New Canvas in a full-size pad, as well as the cubes.  I think they will prove a very useful addition to my collection of Inks, and I’ll reach for them often.

Here’s a fun Halloween design that I created using all Palette Hybrid Inks, and you can clearly see how faded New Canvas appears on the dyed black card stock.  In this case, I was pleased with that, because I didn’t want the stitching to overpower the focal image; it’s a nice subtle effect:

Pumpkin, Harlequin background, "Boo" rubber stamps, and orange note card all by A Muse Art Stamps.  Crossed Stitch and Ghost, clear stamps also by A Muse  Palette Hybrid Inks in New Canvas, Sunflower, Orangerie, Noir; Waterbased Brush Markers; Black Mini Brads; Tag Punch by EK Success; Black Gingham by May Arts.

Except for the black "Boo", the pumpkin and the ghost were stamped onto white card stock and then closely trimmed to layer onto the harlequin tags.  I wouldn’t normally do that for anything mass-production, but I don’t send out more than a few Halloween cards.

  1. Between you and Ellen, I think I need to keep my eye out for some of these hybrids. My wish list just keeps growing.

  2. Wow when you do a review you really go all out! Thanks for the info! I think I’ll stick with my Ancient Page pads and my trusty Brilliance.

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