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Every month the Dirty Dozen bust their tails stocking that gallery with pure whammy.  Some of the designers were uploading at the last minute yesterday.  And, here, all this time, I really did believe I held the title of Her Royal Procrastinatress!!!!  Bwa ha haaaaaaaaa!!!  Seriously, tho, I think they just got some ideas late in the month, and couldn’t stand the thought of not getting them into the gallery.

BTW, they are experiencing some technical issues today, and nobody can get past the thumbnails.  When it is finally righted, brace yourselves.  And, strap on your Depends!  Uh huh, oh yeah!  (head bobbin’ up and down)

Right now, however, I can only imagine how frustrating this is for all the Tech Crew, and Daven, to have been working around the clock for days and days trying to rectify the issues occurring since the server transition.  They must be tearing their hair out by now, and absolutely exhausted . . .

I, on the other hand, got out of the house, away from computer, and actually off The Rock (!), to take my son shopping for pants.  The kid is growin’ so tall so fast, I can’t keep him outta’ high-waters!  Sheesh!  I suspect he’s gonna tower over us all . . .  Hayley came along, too, and I spent a glorious day, just hangin’ with my kids, and dinner at Red Robin’s.  I’ve been single-parenting this week while Dave’s away at a conference.  Due home this afternoon.  The house is a pit (I am not a domestic goddess) and I must get it asparkle before he arrives.  But, yesterday was sooooooooo very nice . . . (happy sigh)

  1. Julie, I love hearing about quality time with the kids! I told my DH recently that I was jealous of his quality time with our son who’s 21 and a senior in school in Boston and that I REALLY needed some alone time with our daughter who’s 24 and out on her own, also doing great…so next week, she and I are planning a wonderful afternoon of lunch and shoppping! I can’t wait; I know I’ll feel the same way you do during & afterward.

  2. I love RR too – all you can eat french fries…

    Did you ever have the freckled lemonade? YUM! Hope you get some stampin time in – never easy when the cat is away!

  3. Oh, what fun! Sounds like you had a GREAT day with the children..that’s awesome! Hope your hubby got home safely, and I can’t wait to see the DD on SCS! And SU is late getting the Winter Mini up, we are about to go crazy!! :)

  4. I was lucky enough to get glimpses y’day in between glitches, and you are right. This month is depend worthy! Thank you for your contributions, and for your facilitation and leadership with the DD. It really is a gift to us all!!

  5. Oh Julie,
    I love those days with my kids too! You’ll never regret those!
    Glad you had such a nice time and I love Red Robin. I’m going there tomorrow myself! Clucks and fries! Yeah, baby!
    Gina K.

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