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I’m not easily impressed, but when something comes along that I think is a good and wondermous thing, I can’t help but bounce.  A lot.  chuckle!    I’ve watched die cutting systems for a loooooooong time, always secretly coveting one, but it was either out of my price range, or had features I didn’t believe I’d really use enough to make worth the investment.  And, then, there was the issue of sufficient counter space, tendinitis on my good stampin’ arm (right) and my ineptness with all things computerized.

After waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting . . . I finally took the plunge in the system I felt best suited my needs in both price range, function, size, and versatility.  Feast your eyes on the newest toy to grace my studio:


I know you’re gonna ask where I purchased it.  There are a variety of online vendors, but I ordered mine from www.costco.com  I’m a member, so, since membership has its privileges . . .  LOL!   (wink!)

The Big Shot debuted at CHA Winter 2006 and knocked my socks off.  I practically fell down dead when I realized that my patience had paid off, and paid *BIG*.  Here is a system that:

  • is relatively compact in size, yet large enough to handle doing window cards (I’m primarily a card maker)
  • is non-computerized (important for Tech-Tard, doncha’ know!)
  • requires no electricity (another plus for me; I like to be able to work anywhere, at any time)
  • has a handle for easy transport
  • offers a huge range of dies


The Big Shot operates on a roller type pressure system and you turn the hand-crank to push the die through the machine.  The other bonus?  The Big Shot offers Thick Cut and Thin Cut dies.  Thin Cuts are designed to cut through text weight paper and lightweight card stock.  And, the Thick Cut dies?  Well, blow me down!   They slice through thin chipboard, coaster material, and fabric like buttah. 


The Big Shot can also pressure emboss, and they offer a variety of templates that enable you to emboss your entire project with one quick roll through the machine–tremendously beneficial for someone like me who loves the classic look and texture of embossing, but unable, due to tendinitis issues, to do so via the traditional hand embossing method with a stylus. 


Yet another reason to love the Big Shot?  Compatibility!  It is 100% compatible with Sizzix Originals dies, AND it can work with many other manufacturer’s dies and embossing templates by use of the Multi Purpose Platform.  This Platform is basically a shim system designed to provide enough pressure to make use of dies that are thinner than the Big Shot’s Thick Cut dies and embossing templates, as long as they are no wider than the machine’s 6" feed.  

Hold up, Julie, what do you mean????  I mean that with the MP Platform, you can use dies and embossing templates such as:

  • Spellbinder (Wizard)
  • Zip-e-Mate, Accucut
  • Sizzlits (Sizzix wafer thin dies, similar to Big Shot Thin Cuts)
  • QuicKutz

………………………………….. THUD!!!!!!!

YEEEAAAAAAAAHH, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
‘Dat’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!!!!!!!!

So.  If ya’ feel like it, peek in again later this week, to see what I’ve been up to with m’ new toy . . .  (wink!)


  1. Helllloooooo! I think you sold me on one too. Thanks a lot ! wink wink

  2. I told myself as a die-hard stamper I’d NEVER need a die cut machine, but now I think you’ve gone and done it – I love that this can use dies for any system – cool! Didja see the cute martini glass (it even has an olive on a toothpick!!!)? :)

  3. Glad you like it, Julie! I have been thinking of ordering one for a while, but I am still holding out because I am allowed to use the SIzzix and the Cricut at Michael’s when I do classes…so I take my own paper and do what I need for the things at home!

    I know…I’m terrible! ;)

  4. Well sure – now you tell me! I just got the scor-it and I have no more office space (grin)… That does sound like a find and a half! The dry embossing sounds like it is worth it’s weight in GOLD!

  5. You’ve sold me! I’d love to see a window sample too!

  6. Thanks for the review. I have been waiting to see whether you got one and how you liked it. Can’t wait to see what you make. Love your blog and your cards!

  7. I think we are secret sisters! All the issues you had with other systems are the same issues I have had! I am a computer idiot too! But you forgot to add that at Costco it was only $54.99!! WOW WEEEE WOW!

  8. Not that I need another toy, but I am anxious to here more about your Big Shot. I have a sizzix and my arm gets sore after using it a bit! I like the style of the big shot!

  9. Anxious to hear how the large embossing thingies work! I’ve heard people have problems with them shifting, so there’s tips and tricks for using them I’ve seen posted around the web.

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