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All images, Pink Band Note Card, Patterned Paper, Mini Dot Twinkle Sticker by A Muse Art Stamps; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Rouge, Warm Red, Lime Pastel; Marvy Uchida Mega Scallop Oval Punch; Ribbon by May Arts

These are probably not typical colors for a holiday card, but I wanted this design to have a "candy" flavor, UKWIM?

This card measures 4 1/4" square, and already has a gutter crease (gutter crease is the main fold line of a card).  Score a line 2 1/8" from the gutter crease to create the fold.  This is similar to, but easier than the "swing" or "flip flop" cards.  I like it because it still has that interactive feel to it, but doesn’t involve any special cutting for the fun effect it gives.  The photo shown below exemplifies what I’m talking about:


Start by stamping the gingerbread house, with a gingerboy on each side, close to the gutter crease; it’ll make it easier to space out the trees on the rest of the design.

The scallop oval image was stamped on patterned paper, the sentiment stamped within it to the far left, to allow enough room for the candy cane.  Then, the whole thing was centered by viewing it through the back side of the punch.  To make it pop a little more, I applied the lime pastel chalk ink directly from the pad to the edge of the card stock.

The "No-Tie Bow" was done by punching two 1/8" holes, and threading the ends of the ribbon down through the front, crossing them over on the back side, and pushing the ends back up through the opposite holes.  I like this kind of bow especially for cards sent through the mail, because it’s much flatter (and, therefore, less likely to get caught up in postal machinery).

Foam Mounting tape was applied to just the one side of the punch out, so it could be secured to the folded panel, and a Mini Dot Twinkle Sticker embellishes the lollipop on the gingerbread house.

" . . . while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads!" –The Night Before Christmas.

I was tickled this turned out so *sweet*! (wink!)

  1. gosh another winner – does talent just run thru your veins or what!!!!!

  2. So darling! I just love the WHOLE thing!!!

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