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Link: Posie Gets Cozy: Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing.

SHUT UP!!!!!  Aren’t these so stinkin’ cute?????  I *love* this blog. It inspires me to make things I love, things that are pretty, things that make me smile.  Pure eye candy! (deep happy sigh!)

  1. OK…I’m a little late with this but wanted to let you know that your link to “Posie Gets Cozy” was the last little push I needed to start my own weblog. Thanks for finding and sharing such creative ideas! Julie

  2. Okay, it took me a second to realize that they weren’t real. < <>>
    Those are so yummy cute. Thanks for sharing the site. Did you also happen to see the link that shows the crocheted ice cream cones? Too cute!
    Rubber Hugs all,

  3. Love Posie’s flower pins – such pretty color combos! I had to have some of them when I first spied them, and just love, love, loved the packaging (who knew?) as much as the pins! I have got to check out those crocheted chocolates again! Yummy!

  4. What a great blog,TFS it with us Julie. She has some adorable things in her store. I love to crochet, so it’s really inspirational.

  5. Too yummy! What could smell better than almond scented chocolate??!! Wow, my socks could smell like that! LOL
    Thanks for the link, a very cool site indeed! :)

  6. I just LOVE that blog! It makes me smile and reminds me of simpler times. I especially liked the entry she wrote about her dog that she loves so much. Great blog!

  7. Isn’t Posie’s just a great place! I oogle her postings regularly!

  8. Julie,

    Thanks for sharing this Blog. I LOVE to collect interesting blogs. I am addicted and visit my favorites (like yours) everyday. I think it is like getting a glimpse into someone’s life…fascinating!

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