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So, I got off The Rock during the weekend, and my sweeeeeet children permitted me a few precious minutes in Michael’s (craft store).  OK, more than a few.  45 minutes.   That’s a pretty fair amount of time to permit Mom to cruise the craft store.

Looky what I spied! (bouncin’!)  I could have resisted.  Should have resisted.  But . . . well . . . it’s got CELERY!!!!!!  Criminy!  How was I supposed to just walk away from it?????  The body of the tote is chocolate and has 17 (SEVENTEEN!!!)pockets, some with velcro’d flaps, on 3 sides, and on the back side, there’s a zippered pocket.


It’s got 9 divided sections/pockets on the inside.  And underneath?  CHECK IT OUT!!!  A tray for putting your stamps that slips into a bottom zippered compartment!

Measures 11 1/2 x 7 3/4 x 7 1/2", made of durable water repellent nylon fabric.  It’s pretty sturdy!  Can you say organizational BLISS for stampin’ on the go????

It’s made by Scrap Paper Scissors and dubbed the Mini Organizer.  And, it comes in ever classic black, or chocolate with blue trim, chocolate with pink trim, or this loverly combo of chocolate and celery.

I was rather tickled to death it was under $15!  Definitely worth a look the next time you pop into Michael’s.   Of course,  living on The Rock as I do, I don’t get to Michael’s very often.  It’s an hour away from me; the last time I set foot in Michael’s was hmmmmmmmmm.  Mebbe last May????  This is probably old news, and I’m the last one to the par-tay!  (insert rolling eyeballs)

I’m a pathetic tote freak.  I just love ‘em.  And, this one’s pretty keen.  Even if I am the last one on the planet to know about it.  Hah!  (very big grin)

  1. I have that exact tote, brand new, as a friend decided to buy the rollie-bob AFTER I picked it up for her, lol – so Darcie, if you still need one ;)
    I love my chocolate and blue version!

  2. Well, I’m delighted to know everyone but me has one of these cool totes. I got the rolling one for Christmas, but I desperately need the mini carrying one. If anyone finds one, I’ll buy it from you. PLEASE!!! I’m from Michigan and all the Micheal’s are fresh out!

  3. Julie – any time you need something from Mike’s, let me know. I would be honored to be your personal shopper. Next time something hot hits, I’ll post so you can let me know color preference. :D

  4. Shut up Julie….:) I’ve been trying to resist buying one of these for the past couple months!

  5. I got one!!! Using my 50% off Joann coupon brought it down to $10! Thanks Julie, for sharing this wonderful find!!!

  6. Darn oh darn, my Michaels was completely out when I went on WEdnesday (funny the first employee I asked there looked at me like I was crazy and said no, we don’t have anything like that. I thought to myself yeah, right, so I went in search of someone else. They knew exactly what I meant and said they were sold out very quickly. Anyhow, a dear friend/customer checked her Michaels yesterday and they had all the colors … she bought one for herself and picked one up for me (brown/pink). But … they weren’t on sale anymore. Still at 19.99 it’s a cool find. I can’t wait to get it from her :-)

  7. Perhaps did you find this at the Lynnwood Michaels?? I will be going up there this weekend, to see if I can find one for myself. Thanks for the heads up on this treasure!!

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