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All images, Note Card by A Muse Art Stamps; Versamark Ink Pad; Silver Detail Embossing Powder (fine grind), Shimmer Pearlescent Chalks by Pebbles, Inc; McGill Giant Ribbon Slot Punch

Latch cards were originally made popular by Making Memories.  You can certainly buy the pre-fab ones, but it’s really not hard to make them yourself, with minimal effort, and the McGill Giant Ribbon Slot Punch! (wink!)  I got mine from Paper Wishes, but you can also find it at Frantic Stamper.  It’ll accommodate 5/8" wide  ribbon or a strip of paper slightly wider than that.  It was designed for weaving ribbon, but when I stumbled across it, I couldn’t get my hands on it fast enough, knowing it would be a great short cut over measuring and cutting the slits with an X-acto knife! (Yyyyyeeeeeeessssssssss!!!)

This design starts with a pre-fab A Muse 4 1/4" square card, and I trimmed 1/2" off the front panel just for added interest; you could make just as lovely a card by leaving that intact, if you prefer.

After stamping the dots all over the card front with Versamark, I loaded up the largest pom pom with one of the shimmery blue/green chalks and began buffing it right over the top.  The chalks stick to wherever the Versamark Ink is (the stamped image).  When I first learned of this technique, it was referred to as "Chalk Resist", which is somewhat of a misnomer, since the chalk doesn’t resist, but instead, clings to the Versamark.   Since then the technique was renamed:  Poppin’ Pastels.  Just a little bit of stamping trivia that probably nobody but us old-timers actually remembers . . .
It’s difficult to pick up the beautiful, shimmery effect of these chalks on camera.  I love the fact that they come in duo tone palettes, complete with an alligator clip tool, and a set of 3 different sized pom poms for each color!   Their entire collection of chalks comes in beautiful tones–if you decide to snag yourself a set, consider the Shimmer Pearlescents or the Jewel Tone Pearlescents; plush!

After all the chalking was done, I punched the giant ribbon slot as shown, and cut a strip of french blue card stock, a hair over 5/8" wide, so it would fit through the slot.  It was scored where I needed to fold it over the edge of the card, slipped through the slot, aligned, and then adhesive applied to the remainder of the strip, so it could be secured to the back side of the card.

The hanging ornaments image, a long time favorite, was embossed with silver detail embossing powder, which I find works best for more finely detailed images because it produces a lower loft and is less likely to "blur" when it melts.  After that, it was quickly colored in with the chalks for a beautiful finish.

If you’re concerned about the chalks being rubbed off by fingertips, you can seal it with a light dusting of Blair Fixative.  This product has a very low odor and is available at art supply stores.  Some folks use hairspray, but I’ve been annoyed by the number of projecs I’ve ruined because more often than not, the hairspray spews out in globs, as opposed to a nice fine mist.  Argh!

For a nice change of pace, you might try doing this same design in pink shades; traditional red and green is always a safe bet, but, I notice pink is being used more and more for the holiday season.   In all, I think this makes for a whimsical, but elegant greeting, don’t you?!

  1. Julie,

    Thank you for this card. I have “City of David” from SU and couldn’t quite get a design that I was happy with. As soon as I saw this card I knew it was “the one.”

    I converted the design to fit a 4 1/4X5 1/2 card and used whisper white, real red and some left over sheets of forest foliage. I stamped Mary and Joseph in red on white cs and mounted it in layers of the red and forest. On the exposed right side of the card I stamped the Bible verse in red. On the inside of the card I stamped the city in forest. I used a strip of forest for the “buckle” and added some DTP red on the card opening to make it pop.

    I enjoy your posts and inspiration! –Amy Wilson in Mt. Juliet, TN

  2. Just gorgeous, Julie — yes, very elegant! I bet this is super sparkly with those shimmer chalks — love mine, too! Thanks for the advice on the Blair fixative.

  3. Yup, I agree, but then of course I agree with most anything you do! Love ya bunches!

  4. Yay! Now a reason to unwrap that punch that is still in it’s packaging. Thanks Julie!

  5. Julie! Thanks for taking the time to let us know about all the products you use! Now I have some new stuff to find ;)
    TFS that very cute card too!! :)

  6. Julie, thanks for posting this. I have some of these chalks and was trying to figure them out!

  7. Love it, Julie. And, lucky me, I just got those very chalks at Hobby Lobby last week with a 40% off coupon! Now I just need to find that Blair Fixative …

  8. Hi Julie,

    I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for including all of the details of how you’ve made the cards. Each one is a great tutorial! I appreciate all of the product tips that you include, too. Keep up the good work!

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