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All images, patterned Note card, Mini Dot Twinkle Sticker by A Muse Art Stamps.  Clear Micro beads (a.k.a. sugar beads, no-hole beads), Pennywise Art Supplies; 1 3/8" Square Punch; Marvy Mega Scallop Square Punch; Pom Pom Paper Shaper Punch by EK Success; Brown satin ribbon, 1/4" wide, source unknown; Waterbased Markers; 3M Foam Mounting Tape; Plain Overhead Transparency (a.k.a. acetate, window plastic), Office Supply

Shakers are always a fun and unusual card to create for the holidays–if you keep it short and simple, you can crank out a bunch of these lickety split!  Pre-printed not cards and punches dramatically cut down construction time!

To create the shaker window, first punch out the 1 3/8" square, then center that opening in the paper within the Mega Scallop Square.  Helpful punch tip:  It is so much easier to accurately center things, when you punch the smaller first, and then the larger, no matter what shape(s) you are working with.

A slightly smaller piece of acetate was adhered all around the perimeter of the scallop frame, and subsequently lined with a thin strip of 3M foam adhesive, one on each of the 4 sides, taking care that they were not secured in a position where they would be seen through the window.  Make sure there are no gaps or your shaker material will leak out.

Prancer was stamped on a white square of card stock, the same size as the acetate piece, colored, and blinged with a red Mini Dot Twinkle Sticker.  You don’t have to do that, but, his nose just begs to be blinged and I can’t seem to resist . . .

With the shaker window face down, add mebbe 1/8-1/4 tsp. of micro beads, and 2 punched out Pom Poms.  Take care not to overfill the shaker–if you do, there’s not enough room for the beads and punch outs to actually move around, and you’ll lose the effect, UKWIM?  You can use all sorts of things for filler material, depending on the card theme–I’ve used confetti, bird-seed, tiny buttons, Polyshrink pieces, sand, beach gravel (the kind typically used for creating candle-scapes, and frequently found at places like Pier 1) . . . Just use your imagination!

Carefully remove the paper liner from the strips of foam mounting tape, and place the Prancer square face down, so he will be viewed through the window, burnishing all the edges and creating a tight seal.  Apply more adhesive to the back side of the shaker piece, and it’s ready to be mounted to the card front.

The bow was secured to the bottom of the shaker with Mini Glue Dot (I love those things–what a great invention, eh?!).

I know, I know . . . yet another design with Prancer, but, how could I not?  He’s just so stinkin’ CUTE and FUN!  I dare anybody to not feel happy while looking at that expressive face! chuckle!

  1. Too adorable! Gotta love that little reindeer face. The boldness of the white snowflakes against the red is a perfect accompaniment to the simplicity of the stamp. :0) Mel

  2. Too adorable! Gotta love that little reindeer face. The boldness of the white snowflakes against the red is a perfect accompaniment to the simplicity of the stamp. :0) Mel

  3. Super cute! I love shakers!! TFS!

  4. I totally love this, Julie–crisp and perfect! TFS!

  5. This card is absolutely adorable – the scalloped square make a wonderful shaker. And the post title totally cracked me up… He must be trying to catch Vixen’s eye :)

  6. I love making shaker boxes! I’ve only used beads and smallish punched shapes, none of the other items mentioned. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Oh, this is sooooo cute! Love that Prancer, I must put mine in a shaker box, too! This is just adorable…wouldn’t my grandsons think it was just GRAND??!! Thanks for sharing all the great info, too!!!

  8. you know julie, just before I went to be last night, I told John (while highlighting the white of a stamped Santa with light blue) that I just don’t know what the world I (or any stamper for that matter) would do without you to teach them all these little tips and tricks.
    You are the Bill Gates of rubber stamping!!
    I love ya!

  9. Love the clean look of this card. Charming!

  10. thanks for these deets, man. Way cool.

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