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I got so excited when I got my Big Shot Starter Kit, that I immediately bought the Sizzlits Window and Frame Making Set, figuring it would be the answer to my window card-making dreams.  After spending a few hours messing around with it, I decided . . .


Here’s why:


Sizzlits are Sizzix’s wafer thin dies, designed to cut through text weight paper and lightweight card stock.  They did cut pretty well through above light weight card stock, as well as SU!’s heavier card stock.  I was happy with that.  However, I’m sure you can see, even in this photo, the outline of the die, which ended up being "pressure embossed" to the card front.

This is NOT a desirable effect! (insert frowny face)

However, I haven’t figured out a solution to avoid that happening.  Do I regret buying this set of dies?  Well, yes, and no. (insert "can’t quite make up my mind" face)

Yes:  because I can’t get window effects without having the outline of the die also appearing.  I tried running it through the machine with the die blades facing the inside (white), and that somewhat alleviated the outline issue, however, if there are any cut marks on the cutting plates (which, of course, there will be, if you have used the plates at all), these will end up being pressure embossed onto the card front.  ACK!  This is also undesirable.  And, it wouldn’t be cost effective to use a cutting plate only one time on each side, to avoid that happening.

No:  because if I just want to cut these shapes out of card stock and simply use the die cuts for layering onto a card, they work right nicely. 

But, as I said, they really do not work well for making windows, and I’ll have to find an alternate solution.  Perhaps larger Sixxiz Originals Dies or Big Shot Thick Cut Dies–I should also explore what other brands of dies might be out there that would do the job.  This puts me back to square one . . . sigh . . .

  1. Oh I am so in love with your blog. Your work is incredible. I will certainly be a regular over here. ;)

  2. Just a thought…what about taking a lightly warmed iron to pop up the crease?

  3. Oh and another thing. The Wizard frame set dies work great. That’s what I used on the samples I sent you a few months back. Just use a magnet sheet to hold them in place when cutting. There is a Wizard Yahoo group that has all the information on how to do this better than I can explain.

    Huggies to you!

  4. Oh sweetie…. Don’t you remember the issues I had with these when I first got my Big Shot? Remember I called Ellison and their tech. team did some research. They told me that they were intended to be used as photo frames and not for window cards. I was so angry that I sent each and every one of them back after trying every possible shim I could think of. Sorry you didn’t remember and waisted your money. Hope you can return them.

  5. Not sure if it works the same, but I have an Accucut Zip E Mate. I’ve been told to cut the mat smaller than the die to avoid this. Haven’t tried it yet, though.

  6. Add a shim (piece of waste card stock)and see if that fixes the problem.

    Good Luck
    Julie Phillips

  7. Someone beat me to it, but I would suggest putting either 2 or 3 other cardstock pieces on top of the piece you want cut and then see if that helps. I enjoy hearing the critic’s corner saga of your Big Shot though – great to hear it from someone using the product.

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