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This is my lame first attempt at simple "Bohemian" style.  I really can’t determine if this is good or bad.  But, a girl’s gotta start somewhere.  (chuckle!)

Doodle Flourish Images by Rhonna Farrer for Autumn Leaves; Flower images from Friendship Flowers by Stampin’ Up!; Sentiment by Anna Griffin for All Night Media/Plaid; Leaf sprig by Rubber Stampede; Bird by Magenta; Palette Hybrid Inks in New Canvas, Burnt Umber, Cote d’azure, Water Lily Green, Burnt Sienna; Pitt Pastel Pencils by Faber Castell; Vanilla Card Stock; Ink Jet Transparency; Ribbon by May Arts;  Dots hand-drawn with a fine-tip brown marker.

I got so excited when I spied this clear doodley set by Rhonna Farrer.  However, it took considerable experimentation to get the right combination of flourishes to achieve anything cohesive.  I think I must have spent an hour trying to get the angles right.  And, the darn things are CLEAR!  Crikey!  And, of course, I only had ONE acrylc block that properly fit both images, so I had to stamp one image, clean it, dismount it, mount the other one and repeat the process all over again every time I botched the angles.   

I tried every which way.  I dunno.  I couldn’t seem to figure out a way to use any of the images in it TOGETHER.  Holy smokes, I filled the circular file!  They seemed to work best independently of the others????   

I loved the formalness of the Anna Griffin sentiment, combined with the whimsy of the doodles.  I didn’t have any flowers that really complimented the style of the doodles, so had to make due with what I felt I could get away with.  I dunno that I like it, however.  I also had to add all those dots to beef up the flourishes.

After staring at it for some time, I felt it lacking.  No clue what it needed.  Decided to attempt a transparency overlay, with images stamped in white–ya’ know?  Kinda like those rub-ons I refuse to buy?  Don’t get me wrong;  rub-ons LOOK very cool!  But, being a die-hard stamper, the thought of purchasing a single use item, when the same effect can be achieved with stamps (over and over again for all eternity without ever needing to be replaced) is just too shocking to the system.  Simply cannot do it.  GIMME RUBBAH!!! chortle!

Overlay in place, it still seemed lacking.  AUGH!  I hate when that happens.  But, where the heck was I going to add an additional element so that it wouldn’t look outta’ place or oddly secured?  I finally used a long-reach 1/8" punch, so I could install a No-Tie Bow.  And, then, promptly collapsed in exhaustion ……………thud!

I love that bird image.  It’s by Magenta.  I’ve had it forever.  I danced happy when I saw that a coming SU! set, Carte Postale had a similar bird because I won’t need to invest in that set now just to get the cool bird!  heh, heh, heh! (smug grin)

  1. Judi,

    I use Hammermill Inkjet Transparencies, 10 sheet pkg., which I can usually find at WalMart or KMart. I think there is also Avery brand at big office supply chain stores, BUT, they are usually much bigger quantity packages, and I am reluctant to buy quite so many all at one time? Would probably save me money, tho, if I did. LOL!

    The package reads 4 mil for thickness but, I can’t compare to 8mm or 10mm since I’ve never had any.


  2. Love it but darn – now I must get the Rhonna Farrer stamps!!

    Julie – what thickness do you use for your acetate cards? I’m looking to purchase some online and as presentation covers, it’s available in various thicknesses like 8mm, 10mm but since it’s online I can’t feel the thickness. Maybe a better question to ask is where do you get your acetate for cards and what is the make/model/brand? I would love to know.


  3. **THUD**

    someone call 911

    I got a stamper’s emergency – I am unable to do anything but stare at my screen!

    holy wow!

  4. I think all of your effort was really worth it! Outstanding card, colors and details (as always) Love it!

  5. I don’t like the seriousness of Anna Griffin stamps but WOWSERS I love the way you put that sentiment with something fun! That is truly an awesome card!

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