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Well, it’s Monday.  That high wind storm warning had us running around like crazy yesterday trying to batten down the hatches.  I braced myself for losing electricity, as frequently does happen when the wind knocks out the power grid we’re on–funny how we can be steeped in darkness for hours (10 the last time), and yet there are twinkling lights right across Penn Cove, cuz they’re on a different grid . . . (rolling eyeballs)


Good eye!
  Yes, the item in my tote was a Cuttlebug Embossing Folder–Stylized Flowers.  It’s fabulous–BUT, it’s not quite A-2 size as they tout, so if you get any, be prepared for that.   The folder itself measures larger than A-2, but the embossing pattern on the folder itself is about 1/8" shy all around than a true A-2 panel.  As long as you’re layering it onto a base card, you can trim around the edges, and this should be of minor consequence?  But, if you were hoping for the design to bleed off the edges, resulting in a true A-2, that ain’t gonna happen.

I’ve been working with it, but have run into a design conundrum:  It is so flippin’ GAWWWW-JUS, that I can’t bring myself to finish off the card with any kind of sentiment or additional embellishment that might cover up any of the embossing!  So, I need to work out that kink before posting anything complete.

Punches behind my tote:  Someone asked about the lever oval punches.  Those are made exclusively by EK Success for Stampin’ Up!, so the only way to get your hands on those particular punches, is to contact your Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.  She’ll hook ya’ up!  And, yes, they are pretty snazzy! (wink!)

I’m under a heavy deadline this week, so I don’t expect to have a lot of time for bloggin’ until I get past that.  Hope this design sparks ya’ in some way . . . it’s been raining BUCKETS here for days and days–a week+, in fact!  So, I wanted to make something bold and colorful to lighten the gray skies plaguing the island of late . . .

"Hello" from Sweet Shapes, "Thinking of you 365 days, 24/7" from Circle of Friendship by Stampin’ Up!;  Turquoise, red and canary stocks; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Warm Red; Palette Hybrid Ink in Noir; Paper Sculpting Daisy by Sizzix Originals; Pinking Scissors, retired, by Stampin’ Up!; 1" Circle Punch by Paper Shaper/EK Success; 1/2" Circle Punch by Stampin’ Up!; Ribbons all by Stampin’ Up!; 1/8" red eyelets; Clear Adhesive Dome, Sticko "Tiles Play" by EK Success; Flowered Packing ("Pop") Tape from The Container Store

As many of you know, I’ve been tinkering around with my Big Shot Personal Die Cutting System . . . and havin’ more fun than a girl has a right!  chuckle!

I’m also a sucker for daisies–This one’s a bit on the mondo size, heh, heh, heh–but, hey!  I likey!  I cut it out on the BS from white (BLANK) chipboard coasters (I’d gotten in on a group order over at SCS–Speanburg, I still smoocheth your tootsies, girl!).  WOW!  I love white chipboard–it’s so much easier to tint and have the color remain true!  I DTP’d (Direct To Paper) the warm red chalk ink to the daisy die cut–it dried very quickly.

Red was used because it was one of the dominating colors in the packing tape, which I had layered over a piece of red card stock, and then trimmed with deco scissors.  Now, I gotta admit:  patterned packing tape is really not much different than using a strip of patterned paper, except that it has a high gloss finish, of course. 

I know why I bought it–it was colorful, and it had . . . daisies. snort!  It measures just shy of 2" wide, and 25 meters in length on the roll (about 27.3 yards), and cost $4.99.  Was it practical?  Well, at first I thought it would be.  But, when it came off the guide and got stuck on itself, I had a devil of a time getting my fingernail underneath it to get it started again, without tearing it.  So, if you get any, pay attention when you’re putting it away that you put a strip of wax paper or something similar along the cut edge so if it gets stuck back on itself, you can easily pull it up without tearing.  Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting a lot of it just to get it re-started again.

Decorative strip in place, daisy in place (embellished with a clear dome sticker over the top for added kick), and sentiment in the lower right, the design still seemed to need something.

Balance.  The eye naturally finds floating in a triangle (odd numbers) to be pleasing.  How do I know this?  Well, I read.  I read a lot.  I’ll admit, however, that I skip over all the technical mumbo jumbo, and get straight to the core of what’s essential:  in this case, with regards to balance, it’s odd numbers and how the eye likes to move around something visual.  It’s a simple thing, really, and it always baffles me how belabored and wordy some books get over a concept that really takes only about one line of explanation and you’re good to go.  Why is that? (eyebrow raised in that quizzical Spock kind of way)

To complete the triangle, I added a "string closure" type embellishment to the upper right–you know, like the kind used on inter-office envelopes?  After knotting some turquoise grosgrain, I added a few extra snippets of red gingham for just a smidge more zip.

Then, I stopped.  There’s actually plenty going on in this card, in the way of pattern and focal image, so to go any further would probably kill the whole thing.

Things to ponder in your creative explorations:

Odd Numbers
Balance, with regards to the visual triangle
Knowing when to stop

Rain or shine, I wish you a beautimous Monday! (grin)

  1. I was following the storm info (seeing as we are moving out to Gig Harbor in the next year or so) and saw all the trees down on Whidbey and wondered how the weather was treating you out there! Glad to see you aren’t one whose power was out for so long! Wish I could say the same for DH’s jobsite up on Rainier…. LOL!

  2. I know this is in no way related but there is a tsunami watch out today for the west coast. I just want to be sure you know this and you are safe.

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