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Last Sunday:  Our neighbor’s house, shot from just outside my front door, in a rare, but beautiful moment on Whidbey Island . . .

Snow days are such a rarity around here, that I welcome them, gazing happily from inside my warm house, holding a steaming cuppa . . . (wink!)   It’s about 30 degrees here, and we’ve been having freezing temperatures since Sunday, with late school starts and Tuesday actually cancelled due to icy road conditions.  The kids sure had a GRAND time sledding! (grinning!)


That’s Penn Cove, from our back deck.  World famous for mussels.  Yum!!!


Prancer, Clear Polka Alphabet, Note Card and Creative Candy Red Mini Dot Twinkle Sticker all by A Muse Art Stamps; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Inks in Dark Brown, Warm Red; Waterbased Markers; Tag and Snowflake Paper Shaper Punches by EK Success; Red Gingham by May Arts (available online at StarLitStudio); Green Staples by Making Memories; Sakura Quickie Glue Pen (available online at StarLitStudio)

OK, so the snow, which has begun to fall yet AGAIN (this time the flakes are teeny tiny, but I am hopeful!!!) just made me wanna share this design–I don’t think I have shared it here before . . . (?)   I designed him for a Holiday cards class I taught last August up at Precious Memories, in Langley, BC.

I just loved the idea of using him as the "o" in JOY.  I initially had stamped all of it directly onto the card itself, but it just didn’t "pop" like it should, so after putzin’ around, I realized that  tags would be the way to go.  Colored staples are fun, and coupling green ones with the red gingham conveyed a little Christmas.

Those snowflakes are soooooo delicate, and can be hard to glue on.  To the rescue:  My trusty Sakura Quickie Glue Pen.  That thing just ROCKS!  It is just *the* bestest EVER for gluing on teensy tiny things.

BTW, one of the trickiest things to secure with staples, are little snippets of gingham.  Seems so easy and should be a cake walk, and, maybe this doesn’t happen with you, but my fingers–which are actually very small–always get in the way!  So, I’ve found that pinching the snippet to the top of the tag with my TWEEZERS, holds it in place for me to get the stapler into position.

  Believe it or not, I have a preferred pair of tweezers!  The tips are angled, and I just love the maneuverability that gives me!  I don’t know if Mrs. Grossman’s makes ‘em any more, ‘cuz after searching, I couldn’t find them on their website, but these are my absolutely all time favorite tweezers; just so you get an idea of what they look like.

The news has issued another "storm" warning . . . I hear that for some folks down Ellen’s way it took 15 hours to get home from work!!!  Yikes!!!

Time for a fresh cuppa, and another appreciative gaze out the window at the snow! (grin!)   I know: I’m a snow psycho! (sheepish grin) . . .  But only because we hardly ever get any.  Stay safe out there!

  1. HI I just loved seeing the pics of Whidby Island. I am in North Pole Alaska now, but used to have vacation property on Whidby when our kids were growing up! Your pics look like where I am now lol !
    Thanks for the comparision of the dye cutters — very helpful.
    Have a blessed Christmas. Mary Lou

  2. Beautiful snow and I love your prancer card! Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. It’s gorgeous there, Julie, and I love Rudolph! He’s *perfect!*

  4. What a beautiful picture. Since moving from CT to NC I don’t get to see snow really anymore. That picture is beautiful!!!

  5. Wow, that picture of your neighbor’s house is just awesome…and the one from the deck is also…what a beautiful place you call home!!! I love the JOY card, it’s just precious! You are soooo clever…thanks for all the great info in the post. And stay warm, and enyoy the gorgeous snow!!! :)

  6. Wasn’t that weather crazy, Julie?? What a beautiful look at it from your house! Thanks for sharing those pics, Whidbey Island is so picturesque!! P.S. I was not stuck in that crazy traffic, thank God!

  7. Brrrr… I’m cold just looking at your pictures! Although I’m kinda wishing I was snowed in so I could find some time to STAMP (and do a little cleaning as well)! :)

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