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Link: OTT-LITE TrueColor Pink Portable Lamp.

. . .  comes in pink?  I didn’t!  If you don’t have a "daylight" lamp of some sort, it makes a tremendous difference when you’re pulling together colors for your projects.  No, I wouldn’t buy it just because it’s pink . . . but, I might if it were celery . . . chortle!

  1. Isn’t it too cute! I was wondering if it would put out enough light to use on my desk….I think I will put this on my Christmas list! Maybe “Santa” will like the pink one too ;)

  2. Did someone inform Cami????

    I wonder if they will ever make a blue one??? that would be sahhhh-weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  3. Thanks for enabling!!!!! My brandy new stampin’ space is almost complete and guess waht color it is?!!?!??!?! Pink and choclate!!!!!! I *think* I need this light (especially b/c it’s on sale) WooHoo!!!!!!

  4. I have 3 ott lights, I love them! Thanks for showing us the pink one though, I may have to get another one! LOL My ones like that are black, the pink is MUCH nicer! :)

  5. I would so buy this if it were Celery in a heartbeat, it would match my stamp room since its celery too.

  6. It’s on sale for $50.00 today….wow is that tempting!!!!!

  7. This is on my wish list for Christmas!
    Such a fun colour!

  8. What are those smart lever punches lined up behind your bag? Are they Marvy? Those ovals look awesome.

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