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My family came to visit us for the weekend . . . I guess I’m so busy livin’ the moment, that I simply forget to capture it on film.  But, memory lives long in the heart . . .


This is my mom, Alice.  She’s so goofy!  I love that about her, and I guess that’s where I get my sillies from . . . chuckle!  She walked into the house when they arrived, and spied these glasses on the kitchen counter and immediately slipped ‘em on . . . "Oooh!  I think I need these!" And, the kids and I just busted into giggles! 

My mom is the most helpful individual I’ve ever known in my entire life–she never asks, never says a word, but jumps right in and assists–doesn’t matter what the activity is!  My mother is my greatest inspiration in being of service to others, and I hope some of that quality I admire and respect so much in her, has rubbed off onto me. I try to be like her. If a person could be the epitome of joy, I think it would be Mom.

Mom cooks like a gourmet chef, is a tole painter, calligrapher, seamstress, can play the piano by ear, and has the voice of a songbird . . . although she doesn’t stamp a lot, she does enjoy it, and most especially when we stamp together.


Mom doesn’t trust anyone but me to cut her hair.  She will wait for MONTHS until I can get down to visit her . . . This time, she came to me, and decided she wanted a short ‘do!  As you can see, my kiddos get their beautiful smiles from her . . .


My Uncle Jerry, on the left,  my daughter Hayley, son Taylor, and my dad, Dave.  My dad and his brother are both avid fly tiers and fishermen and are 2 of the most good-natured men I’ve ever known.  Thoughtful gentlemen with a great sense of humor, much like their own father.  My son was named for my Dad, and incidentally, I find it kinda touching how my dad and his brother each refer to the other with their surname, "Taylor", when they are steeped in conversation . . .

Both served in the USCG, my father by sea as a Master Chief, and my uncle flew rescue choppers.  They’re both retired many years from the USCG, of course, but my uncle is still a bush pilot up in Alaska for a private air company, and he’d just come down for the winter.  I was so happy he drove my Grams up for this visit.

I find it hilarious that although it is actually in MY generation to have twins, it was my uncle that had twin girls, and one of his twin daughters herself just had her own set of twin girls!!!  Isn’t that a riot???!!!!

There is no question that my dad is a stickler for detail and the highest quality craftsmanship, and you can see that in every piece of furniture he has built, every fly he has tied, and the meticulous way he cares for my parent’s garden.  Whenever I spend more time than I should on something, striving to get it just right, I *know* that is his influence. 

He’s also a great story-teller, and I could sit and listen to him talk for hours . . .


That’s my Grams, Winnifred–I used to call her Winnie The Pooh, when I was a sprite.  At 88, she’s sharp as a tack, opinionated, stubborn, and quite tenacious!  I truly believe I get my sass and spunk from her.  (wink!)  Even though she can sometimes be quite the "humbug", she’d give any one of us the shirt off her back and we know it.  Often content to just hang out cozy at home, reading a great book by the fire, she’s quite the family historian, and we’re lucky that she has saved so many photographs of our ancestors.

Like Mom, Grams doesn’t trust anybody else to cut her hair . . . So, I got out my scissors and whipped her pixie ‘do back into shape.  I like to fluff it up a bit, but, she’s always gotta put a dab of V05 to control those pesky fly-aways . . . chuckle!

This weekend was just very precious to me, as it’s a rare thing when my family comes to visit (it’s about a 6-7 hour drive).    My eyes got a little misty, as I stood in the driveway, waving goodbye to them as they headed off for the ferry . . . These are the very special people I’m fortunate to have shaping me as I grow up, and I just wanted to share them a little.

Happy Sunday!

  1. Sniff. Can you adopt this orphan? Looks like you have a marvelous family. Glad you could all get together. Don’t ever take them for granted!

  2. Beautiful Family Juli! I see where you get your lovely smile…what a sweet Mom and Dad. Enjoy the visit.

  3. What a beautiful family–top to bottom, inside and out. You truly have a great deal to be proud of and thankful for. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  4. Hi Julie!

    Oh my…the whole family is so cute…even grandma!!! It mad me get teary eyed reading your blog tonight.Thanks for sharing the photos. What a nice family you have!! They are so nice and so are you. It is very obvious. I loved the weekend recap. How sweet and you are very lucky to have such a nice family. I’m very fortunate myself. I really enjoyed reading this post. Happy turkey day my friend. You write so well too and your humor can not be beat. Blessings! Woodey!!!!

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