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Sorta.  It’s had an incessant squeak for a while, and about a week ago, began having trouble starting and what appeared to be electrical problems . . . so, yesterday was spent at the service center . . . all day . . . sorta . . .


I took a few things to keep me occupied . . . knitting, good reading, a note pad (never know when brilliance might strike, hah!) . . . and, coffee!  That’s m’ new Splitcoast Mug–dang, that thing ROCKS!  I can’t believe how hot it keeps the coffee and for quite some time!

After about 30 minutes, they told me it would take at least 2 hours for them to check over the car and try to figure out what was really wrong with it; they offered to shuttle me anywhere, so . . .  I had them drop me off at Michael’s.

Eventually, I got another call from the service department with an update . . . it was not good news.  But, they could fix it, and they could probably get it done by the end of the day . . .

So, I wandered around, without interruption, peeking and poking . . . for (literally) hours!

At the end of the day, the van was purrin’ like a kitten, thanks to the mechanics at Dodge/Chrysler, so I decided to make a pit-stop at Joann’s.  Holy smokes, everybody and their mother was shopping there!  Didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without, and was about to take off for home, when something caught my eye . . . I haven’t been able to find these things anywhere online to order, including the Joann website!  I ’bout fell down dead, when the cashier told me they’d had ‘em in the store a few weeks–criminitly!  (rolling eyeballs)

Needless to say, I decided to get just one, so I could test drive it . . . it’s tucked into my bag there . . . my, my . . . what could it be? (wink!) 

  1. Julie:
    I love that bag!! I saw them at Michael’s during Christmas and put it on my list. Needless to say they were gone when the family went to get me one. Then after Christmas Michael’s had them on sale but our Michaels’ didn’t have any. What are they called? Who makes them? I would like to look for a pink & brown one or even a brown & blue one! Thanks!
    Helene Johnson
    P.S. I really love you blog!

  2. Thanks for making me burst out laughing! Stuck at the mechanics…shuttle to anywhere…Michael’s here I come! 2 hours probably flew by and you were *perturbed* they kept calling you ;-)

    Again thanks for making me smile!

  3. OH my gosh!!! That bag is soooooo cute!!!!!! I need to rush and find one for myself!!!

  4. I think this is the second time I’ve seen a picture of this bag on your blog — and I HAD to have it! Went out on Sunday . . . in the rain . . . to Michaels to get one. I LOVE IT. Thanks for always knowing the best of what’s out there . . . and for sharing it with us!

  5. Sorry your van broke :( BUT was it great to get out and do some shopping?! Love your tote all filled up with things to keep you busy while waiting! Great idea!!!

  6. I say the cutter bug…it’s so YOU!
    But, do I spy a “Designing with Stamping” book in there?
    oh, I’ve changed my blog address, you may want to change the link on your blog baby!
    Glad your van is back in action….I loathe car problems!!!

  7. hmmmmm Cuttlebug – says the girl who already bought the machine and many dies…..

  8. Sorry to hear about your transportation! Vehicles are such a necessary evil! LOVE your GREEN bag! They were 25% off at Michael’s this week, but NO GREEN! :( Me thinkies…. THE CUTTLEBUG! Can’t wait to see what you come-up with next!

  9. Argh!! You tease!!! ;o)

  10. It’s gotta be the cuttlebug…

    Now, what I want to know is how much change did you drop after spending hours in Mike’s??

    I either could have done a lot of damage, or talked myself out of alot of damage!

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