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Link: n7 designs.


Who’s Nina?

Nina’s an artist, designer, and illustrator.

She makes very *cool* art.  About coffee.  I *adore* coffee! (grin).  Check out her line of greeting cards.  So fun!  So funky!  So distinctive!

I likey.  Quite muchly!

Her work has "gone global" recently, as I read on her blog!  Is that spiffy news or what???!!!!!

  1. Have to agree with you on this one girlfriend. Her designs are fantastic. I really love the Carrot nose design. How nice of her to comment on your blog also.


  2. Jules -
    Thanks for mentioning me on your blog! I feel so honored! I started getting these messages from people I didn’t know, but knew you and I’m like “what’s going on?” You’re the best! Take care, hope to see you soon!

  3. Wow, her cards are fabulous!!! Thanks for the link…I didn’t know about Nina at all. Such cute designs…and I only drink tea! :)

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