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It’s amazing what a few days away from the computer and work will do for the creative spirit! Creating Keepsakes had a scrap booking event down in Bellevue, so buddies Ellen Hutson, Lisa Strahl and I decided a rubbah slumber par-taaaaay was in order!

I had to laugh when Lisa emphasized that we HAD to dine at The Melting Pot as she had spied it outta the corner of her eye as we were drivin’ around in circles trying to find a parkin’ spot earlier in the day.  I do declare, she’s a girl after my very own heart; always thinkin’ ’bout where the next meal is gonna be!

Gimme some skin, Lis!!!  That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!!!  ROTFL!!!!!!!!

After the show closed down, we invited some new and delightful friends to join us and my, oh my!!!!  If you’ve never experienced fondue, ya’ really gotta’!!!  Outstanding!  What a splendiferous time we had:  stimulating conversation, delicious food, maaaaahvelous ‘tinis, and the ultimate dark chocolate experience!   Over the edge?  Absolutely!  chuckling . . .

After a full day of lunch, shopping, ogling, drooling, shopping,  and more shopping, (Paper Source, The Container Store, and the vendor faire at the convention) and pretty much the ultimate dining experience, it was back to Ellen’s for Show & Tell, to gasp and sigh over each others’ newly found treasures.  What a bunch of enablers we are!!! 

After dishing all things rubbah until the wee morning hours, we collapsed into bed for some much needed ZZZ’s.  The next morning we were treated to a breakfast of the most fantabulous pancakes, by Ellen’s hubby.

And, then?  The frenzy began!  Dishin’, brainstorming, playing, experimentin’ and gigglin’!  What a sight!  chuckling!

Lis was bustin’ out die cuts like a maniac, as Ellen showed us the virtues of teflon bone folders and Scor-Its, and I pretty much just pawed everybody else’s cool tools and whatnot . . . Three chicks totally obsessed with all things rubbah, pay-paaaaaah, and ink, clad in their PJs, with bed-head, swiggin’ french vanilla creamed coffee, and spewin’ out ideas one after the other . . .

Good times, good times!   All I can say is:  can’t wait to do it again!

I promised one of my new friends I’d send some die cuts; guess I better get back to romancin’ the Big Shot . . . (!)  (wink!)

  1. Are you washed away??? I keep hearing about all the flooding in WA. I surely hope you are okay!!! Please stay safe :)

  2. What fun! You brought back memories. . . The Melting Pot used to be my favorite place to hang out with my single friends back in the days of no one to spend money on but me! ;-D I bet you ladies had a blast!

  3. Hey Julie,
    I BET you had fun with the babes! lol! I met Ellen H at the A-muse stamping event when she was there with Jen S from Texas. Sounds like a blasto fun as we would expect no less from you! Anyway, I have two questions for you:
    1) Why didn’t you guys fine ME?? (sniff, sniff!)
    2) What are the water based markers that you use to color on your cards?

    many hugs to your royal rubberness~~

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