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The Shoppe at Somerset, on the Boulevard

as per my blog entry, Stampers of California?

Didya’???  Didya’??????  Tell me every juicy tidbit!!!  Inquiring minds are waiting (OK, at least MY inquiring mind is) to drool over your every word! (wink!)

  1. Why can’t this lovely store be in Lake Forest, ILLINOIS? Lake Forest, CA is too far away from me! what a lovely store to shop in!

  2. Not yet! :o( *whines* hahahahahaha!!

  3. YES, I went!! Omigosh, I just have to tell you that this is the *KEWLEST* store evah. It’s like a mini shopper’s wonderland! It’s hard to explain the actual store but imagine a humongous (I think its like 8000 sq ft) building with 35 different boutique-style stores inside. I could get lost in there for hours and be one happy girl!

    The Shoppe at Somerset was so *gorgeous*! I want to model my future stamp room after it (with all the goodies included *wink*) The front table had some seasonal Halloween decorations with all kinds of cool fibers and stuff on it. I would have liked to see more *rubbah* but they had so many other goodies that I was easily distracted, LOL! I definitely need to go back – I think was buzzing off a sugar high from all of the eye candy – so there was a point when I didn’t know what I was looking at anymore! I guess I would say that I need to go again and see it with “fresh” eyes…just to be sure, he he! This time I’ll take a camera, a pen and paper and start my Christmas wishlist…..ooohh, I can’t wait!

    BTW – thank you so much for posting this on your blog, otherwise I would have never known what I was missing! My family frequents a Vietnamese restaurant across the street and I never knew the goodies that the “Antique Mall” held…just don’t tell my DH!

    **Oh, and if you have any other questions you could email me. :o)

  4. Not yet but it is on my list of must-sees! It is a couple hours drive, so hopefully next time I am down that way… :-)

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