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WOW!  I *sooooooo* have Christmas on the brain still that it is extremely difficult for me to think beyond that!  I’m afraid I am horridly linear sequential . . . (sad)  That, and I so busy livin’ the "now", that it’s always a struggle for me to leap very far–OK, even a LITTLE far– ahead! chuckle!   Good thing my husband is the financial advisor for this family!  He’s always planning for the kids’ college years, and retirement, etc. and me??? . . . Well, I’m still scratchin’ my head and trying to figure out what I’ll slap on the table for dinner tonight . . . (rolling eyeballs) pppppppffffffffffttttttttttt!!!

All images, note card, Micro Dot Twinkle Stickers, by A Muse Art Stamps; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Dark Brown and Warm Red; Chocolate Chip Craft Ink by SU!; Clear Embossing Powder; Ribbon by May Arts; Scallop Oval Punch by Family Treasures; 1 3/8" Circle Punch by EK Success

Fellow A Muse Instructor Mary Bieber is responsible for the original development of this great layout, which features a window punched out of the card front, including the polka dotted band running across it, and, it popped into my head when I was trying to highlight this fun new truffle image by A Muse.  Gee, do ya’ get the impression I like truffles?????? (wink!)  ROTFLMAO!

A piece of chocolate card stock is mounted to the inside of the card to give the scallop oval and truffle more prominence in the window.  The truffle was clear/dark brown embossed onto a scrap of vanilla card stock, and then colored in with a pink marker, and trimmed out.  After layering it 3D fashion with a foam mounting dot to the scallop oval, this was all positioned within the window.

I could NOT resist securing a few red Micro Dot Twinkle Stickers to the truffle for a little added bling!  Folks seem to struggle with working with bling, so here’s a tip:

Use a craft knife to cut through and separate the glue lines that hold the bling to the carrier sheet.  You need that glue to make the sticker hold to your project, so don’t try removing the sticker from it.  Instead, slide the point of your knife down under the glue, to lift and transfer it to your project.  Then, carefully press it down firmly into place with your other finger–have a care, though, that you don’t cut your finger with the knife!

And, there y’a have it:  something sweet for the sweetie in your life!

Be sure to accompany the card with the real McKoy, as well. (wink!)

Other notes of the week:

Hayley’s knee is scheduled for an MRI on Tuesday afternoon.  But, the consult with the ortho surgeon and his interpretation of the results of that scan won’t occur until Dec. 26th.  While this is frustrating, all Hayley can do at this point anyway, is to continue to rest the knee.  She is walking, slowly, with a brace on it, and without crutches now, but the issue of her ACL is still unknown, until the doc fills us in on the 26th.  We are still hopeful that it was only the ligaments along the outside of her right knee that were torn/injured, and not her ACL (which will require surgery, if it is damaged).

Debris from our recent windstorm is still evident everywhere, and crews continue working on the power lines; the south end of the island is still experiencing some issues in that regard.  I hope it gets resolved quickly for them, as it *very* cold last night . . .  On Sunday, we ventured off-island to do some holiday shopping (I am behind, naturally), and we could see all the trees the DOT had to saw through and get moved off to the side so traffic could resume.  Nasty baaaaaad!!!  In Oak Harbor, one of the bus-stop shelters had broken free of its mounts and was tossed on its back side . . .

Mother Nature sure can wreak havoc when she gets her dander up–we saw on the news some homes in the Seattle area where a tree ploughed right through the house and, miraculously, the two teenage children whose bedrooms it landed in, escaped what probably would have been a fatality.  The son was able to roll out of the way as the tree literally crashed right onto his bed, and his sister had just gone to the bathroom seconds prior to this . . .

Another gentleman escaped with some minor injuries when a tree actually impaled his car, coming right though the shield.  I still cannot believe this man survived it!  Incredible!

Well, package wrapping and shipping are the order of the next day or so, in hopes of getting my gifts to family in time for Christmas, so I best get m’ holiday gift wrappin’ game face on!

  1. so sorry that Haley has to undergo the surgery. i understand somewhat how you are feeling, my oldest played softball in High School and came down with Mono and was benched the final 4 weeks of the season, killed her (and made our live miserable LOL). Haley will survive, it will make her stronger and she will come out of it able to deal with strong disappointment. sorry that you all have to go thru this on every level.
    never feel the need to explain a blog break, your family is 1st!
    have a good day

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