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Bwah ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!  Only you die-hard Seinfeld fans like m’self will catch on to the point of that one . . . OK, enough sillies! (wink!) 


"Thank You" Cancellation Mark from Circle of Friendship,  "Thank you" from Take Three,  Library Card from Stamp of Authenticity stamp sets by Stampin’ Up!; Date Stamper, "Paste Due" Stamper from office supply store; Patterned Paper all by Basic Grey; Chocolate Chip, Creamy Caramel, Certainly Celery Dye Inks all by Stampin’ Up!;  Mellow Moss Card Stock by Stampin’ Up!;  Hardware by Stampin’ Up!;  Brown Gingham by May Arts (I get my beloved May Arts Ribbon at StarLitStudio);  1 1/4, 1 3/8" Circle Punches by EK Success; Nested File Folder Template by Coluzzle; Dymo Label Buddy Manual Label Maker found at Wal Mart in office supply area.

Part of what I found so comical about my musings the other day is that we all get into a particular groove at one time or another, and fall into the trap of doing the same thing over and over, or just doing what everybody else is doing.  Some folks have caught onto that ornery streak of mine, for going the opposite direction of where the crowd is headed . . . (insert rolling eyeballs here)  I’m a terribly stubborn wretch, sometimes . . . sigh . . .

Unless you’ve known me for years, I’m sure the above design will catch you off guard.  My work has gone through all kinds of developmental phases during the last 13 years, and for, oh, probably about the last 2, I’ve predominantly focused my work on clean and simple.

Art is, in part, about experimentation and finding your way . . . so, I decided to let myself try something different from what I’ve been doing the past 2 years.  It’s important to stretch and grow!

So, getting back to the design above:

The layout is fairly straightforward, with the file folder dominating the center, and I actually pried some hardware out of the royal vault for use in this design!  The photo turn keeps the folder shut, and pivots, of course, to enable the viewer to see what’s tucked inside.  This would be a great way to present a gift card or certificate or tuck a teabag into, etc. (cheeky grin!)

Now, I’m not gonna write up a tutorial on how to use the Coluzzle, but I do know folks have struggled with this awesome tool, and if so, please check out these links, which very nicely explain how this tool works, and offer great tips on this fantastic shape cutting system.

Coluzzle Basics

Cutting Instructions

Helpful Hints

I know, I KNOW!!! –I just got a personal die cutting system!  And, I don’t know HOW I lived without it this long, BUT, the Coluzzle is also a fantabulous system, which I’ve used for years now, and find that between it and my Big Shot, ALL my shape cutting needs are now completely covered!  Yeah, baby!!!!!  ‘Dat’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!  FULL COVERAGE!!!


Have a great day–I’m chaperoning my 17 yr. old’s class on a theatre excursion in Seattle, to see "The Great Gatsby"!

  1. OMG, I’m “sponge worthy”, Julie???!!!! It was SOOOO sweet of you to send me this gaw-jus card . . . even more beautiful in person!! Thanks a million, again, sweetie!!

  2. LOL! thanks…. now i have coffee all over my beautiful, shiny computer!

  3. I remember that episode (and I’m not even a Seinfeld fan ) Love this file folder creation. I am constantly looking for cool ways to use these fun shapes.

    On a completely different note, I was at the craft store today, and saw a book/magazine put out by Annie’s Attics/Cardmaker. I swear, your creations were every few pages. It’s funny, everytime one would catch my eye, I looked up at the creator, and it was you. Way to go on gettings so many in this one, it was a fairly recent publication, 2006, anyway. I loved all the projects of yours that I saw!

  4. so different from your usual! I love it!

  5. Oh my gosh! I totally snorted water when I saw the sponge-worthy note!! Too funny! I totally miss Seinfeld. The card is great. I too like the simple look but love to mix it up with some vintage every once in a while. Keep up the great work~~

  6. Love this card Julie. I hope it’s coming my way! wink wink.

  7. Well I hardly know you Julie and you still surprised me with that card! Looks great. :)))

    Yep. Got the ‘sponge worthy’ joke – very clever indeed.

  8. Sponge-worthy indeed!! Love to see you play outside your own lines (I’m sure your rejects would be more than art in my house!).

    Did you enjoy “The Great Gatsby” with your daughter’s class?

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