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Link: Two Peas Creating Garden.

A fun and goodly happening:   I was very flattered to receive an email from Jennifer McGuire, who requested permission to "lift" some designs I had uploaded over at 2 Peas, to be showcased as her "user inspiration" (link above) on the 15th in the Garden Girls Gallery.  Of course, I lost power on the 15th, and totally forgot until today to go see her finished projects!

Absolutely delightful!

I do feel like a moron, though . . . (rolling eyeballs). . . when she initially emailed me to ask, she used her 2 Peas userid, and, good grief, if I didn’t scroll down far enough in the message to see her *real* name . . .  And, I wasn’t quite sure what a "lift" was (I don’t scrap!), so, I told her I couldn’t say yes or no, until I knew what a "lift" was . . . (more rolling eyeballs and smackin’ myself on the forehead)  And, criminy!  Everybody knows who Jennifer McGuire is, and I felt like a total idiot once I figured out who exactly was emailing me . . . ppppffffffffffftttttt!!!

Anyhoo, this was just a happy and fun thing that happened to me, in "a day in the life" of a MORON!!!!!!

  1. hehehehe this makes me giggle :) since i kinda “stalk” jennifer mcguire’s designs :) funny… how “clueless” you described yourself as ;) youre a riot julie!!!

  2. Very cool for you! I don’t know what a “lift” is either!

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