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Link: Sizzix Shop – Sizzix BIGkick Introductory Kit.

I’ve been receiving a LOT of questions about the BIGkick.  All I know is what what they’ve posted to the Sizzix site, which you can read up on above.

I have been unable to find "exact specifications" on the BIGkick. However, everything I have found leads me to believe it will be identical to the Big Shot in practically every way, but color, and the fact that the bottom of the platform sits completely flat on the table, as opposed to on 6 rubberized legs.  The weight will be distributed on the machine in the same fashion as the Big Shot.  And, like the Big Shot, it will NOT fold up for storage.  The Cuttlebug is currently the only known machine that will fold up like that.

The BIGkick should perform the very same as the Big Shot, and take all the dies the Big Shot does, as I understand from what I read on the Sizzix site.  They have indicated that all Sizzix products are compatible on the BS, and that should include all the new Alpha BIGZ they will be releasing, etc.

I don’t think you can go wrong with either the BIGkick, the Big Shot, or the Cuttlebug; you just need to decide what color you like better, if the folding platform is important to you, or which one you can get the best deal on, IMHO.  So, do your homework and find a deal that makes ya’ happy. (wink!)

  1. Julie,
    I am considering the Big Shot – how do you use the Stampin Up brass stencils with this – or can you? Most of the ones I have are with multiple designs. Also someone at a craft store gave a tip that if you lightly mist your cardstock before running through the machine, it gives a crisper design. Thank you! Sandy

  2. Sizzix emailed me back and that they were both essentially the same machine! So no worries with compatibility! Both Ellisondesign.com and Sizzix.com have awesome texture plates for the Big Kick and Big Shot!

  3. [Inserting fingers in ears]

    I’m not listening, I’m not listening, I’m not listening.

    You can’t make me read this and want one of these systems, you can’t.

    [Removing fingers from ears]

    Did my rant at all sound believable??

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