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I’m so sorry–I’ve just now checked phone messages, as I’ve been trying to catch up on replying to emails that came in–Whidbey Island was hit by a severe wind storm Thursday night!

A major transformer was blown and the entire island lost power for more than 24 hours!
Power finally got restored today about 6 am here in Coupeville.  We’re lucky because we live close enough to the hospital (just a few blocks), and power crews channeled their energies into getting that transformer back up and running ASAP!

That’s never happened before while we’ve lived here . . . It was a pretty bad storm . . . and there were fallen trees blocking the roads in our neighborhood, but no houses were damaged, thankfully!  A friend of ours who lives at the top of the hill was out sawing through them, so cars could get through.  Evidently, the ferry runs were cancelled due to high winds, and we’d heard on the radio that trees also blocked the roadway at Deception Pass.  I guess we were "marooned" here for a while!

Anyway, soon as I awoke, and saw I had power again, I began tending to my duties on Splitcoast, trying to catch up on that, and all the backed-up emails/PMs, and I didn’t even think to check my phone messages on our land-line until just now, which was out, of course, the whole time of the outtage, cuz all our phones are cordless . . .

Mondo hugs to you all, and thank you, thank you, thank you for checking up on me and my family!  I hope you are enjoying a Happy, and safe Holiday Season!

  1. Just a quickie hint for my friend in the PNW from our experience with hurricanes and extended outages in 2004 (2005 and 2006 seasons easy on north central Florida). We, too, have walkabout phones, but bought an el cheapo princess phone ($7 at Wally World) for use if power goes off for long. We’d just plug it in where the walkabout base is plugged. Haven’t needed it since we bought it. Phew!

  2. Glad you’re safe and warm! Have a wonderful holiday!

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