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OK, so I’m a goofy girl, BUT, I don’t think being goofy is such a bad thing, eh?!  I still felt like a little bit of a hero . . . chuckle!

  1. Julie, I have loved reading all of your reports. Bravo to SCS!

  2. That is waaaay too funny. Did you really bow? OMGosh, my tummy hurts from laughing! You are a stitch!
    Gina K.

  3. Your niece is adorable. Love the little cake that she made for you. Happy Birthday Julie.


  4. Ooooooo – yes, you were a hero – just think how many people would have carried off Carol’s suitcase while she was gone – just to make a little shrine for it at home! Haha
    You certainly did a wonderful service for her – so in my mind that DOES make you a hero! I’m sure Carol’s grateful too!!! You must have looked very trustworthy to her!!!

  5. You’re a RIOT!! I love it… And I would have melted at the sight of Carol … and Martha!? Oh my!! TOO FUN!!!

  6. You are a hero Julie! What a fun story, with you in your bare feet and all; good thing Mr D was there to bring them to you! So glad you got to see YOUR hero again;

  7. Oh Julie – you absolutely KILL ME! I am still laughing at your story! You must get a badge now! Being a hero and all!

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