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All images, note card, patterned papers by A Muse Art Stamps; Pitt Pastel Pencils by Faber Castell; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Ice Blue; Palette Hybrid Ink in Noir; Postage Edge Scissors by Provo Craft

Doing layered collage work has always been a struggle for me–I admire so many other’s creations, and yet, I have one heck of a time bringing the elements all together with *happy* results whenever I try it.  For this one, I relied on a collage layout scheme I spotted on a design in a book, only I down-sized, and eliminated a few layers it to suit the square format of this card and the images.

I know; I need to practice more, and it WILL get easier.  So, on with the particulars of this design, which I was so pleased with when I finished!  Yippeeeeeeee!!!

I love postal images, and that "special delivery" sentiment is so useful for so many different card designs.  I was bemoaning the fact that the scalloped heart didn’t fit my postage stamp punch, and then D’OH!!!!  I have postage edge SCISSORS in two sizes! What a moron!!!  Anyhoo, the little postage scissors didn’t give it enough oomph, so I had to switch to the larger ones.

The scalloped heart and the little heart buds?  They are part of a collection of images actually drawn by Linda’s oldest daughter, who also happens to be a Hailey!!! (grin!) Every year, Hailey draws some designs to raise awareness and funds for Scleroderma Research!  Hailey’s gramma (Linda’s Mum, and one of the most delightful ladies I’ve *ever* had the pleasure to know) suffers from Scleroderma.  If you’d like to support a great cause AND, get some darling stamps, please be sure to check out all the cute images Hailey has created!  They are signified by the initial code HH, or Hailey’s name, and most easily found in the "love" section, at A Muse’s website.

The power went out prior to me having an opportunity to get this entry uploaded yesterday.  It was out ALL afternoon/evening until about 1 am. GAAAAAAH!!!   We’ve lost power 6 times in the course of about 6-8 weeks now, due to windstorms.  There was a MONDO black cloud hanging over Whidbey at the time, so it was gloomy and dim inside the house.  You know, it really bites when your mojo finally starts to kick back in and then you are plunged into darkness!  ARGH!  So, I naturally did the only thing I could:  spent more quality time with my Big Shot.  (wink!)

Someone has asked about my sketching and preplanning of a design.  I don’t always do that, but I find when I’ve hit the wall, it is very helpful.  I’ll try to talk about that a little more in my next entry, but for now, I hope you’ll enjoy the above design.

Now, go forth and stamp HAPPY! (grin!)


  1. Julie, it’s perfect–nothing extra, and nothing missing! I also lovethe crispness of the black gingham and the cool red ties on your last post–must try that!

  2. I am going to have to get all of the stamps that helpt to raise money for scleroderma research because My Mom has scleroderma. Actually because of it she had a lung transplant; Febuary 15th is the 1 year anniversary.

    Thanks for the info. Oh, and I do like the card too.

  3. So cute…simple but lots ‘o layers (in comparison to some of your other creations)…awesome!

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